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STIP FY 2024 to FY 2028


The Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is a four to five year planning document that lists all projects expected to be funded in those four years with Federal funds and those state-funded projects that have been deemed as Regionally Significant. This page includes INDOT’s Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), which covers state fiscal years 2024-2028.  For access to INDOT’s current and historical STIP and to learn more about how the STIP is developed, please visit our STIP website.

Public Comment of Draft Amendment(s) 
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Updated FY 2024-2028 Rural Project Listing

STIP 2024-2028 Final approval - (to end of Appendix E)
STIP 2024-2028 Final approval - (Appendix F part 1)
STIP 2024-2028 Final approval - (Appendix F part 2)
STIP 2024-2028 Initial Rural Project Listing

 MPOCityFiscal Year
 Area Plan Commission of Tippecanoe County (APCTC) Lafayette 2024-2028
 Bloomington-Monroe County Metropolitan Planning Organization (BMCMPO) Bloomington 2024-2028
 Columbus Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) Columbus 2024-2028
 Delaware-Muncie Metropolitan Plan Commission (DMMPC)
Including Amendments/modifications through 2/14/23
Muncie 2022-2025
 Evansville Metropolitan Planning Organization (EMPO) Evansville/Henderson 2024-2028
 Kokomo-Howard County Governmental Coordinating Council (KHCGCC) No longer valid. Please refer to A24-MPO-08.KHCGCC 2024-2028 TIP
Including Amendments/modification through 7/28/23
Kokomo 2022-2026
 Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency (KIPDA) Louisville 2023-2026
  Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization (IMPO)
· IMPO original project listing
Indianapolis 2024-2027
 Michiana Area Council of Governments (MACOG) South Bend/Elkhart 2024-2028
 Madison County Council of Governments (MCCOG)
Including Amendments/modifications through 7/28/23
Anderson 2022-2026
 Northeastern Indiana Regional Coordinating Council (NIRCC) Fort Wayne 2024-2028

Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission (NIRPC)
Including Amendments/modifications through 7/25/23

The following links are no longer valid as of June 6, 2024.  NIRPC TIP 2024-2028 was approved and amended to 2024-2028 STIP on June 6, 2024.

FY 2022-2026 Adopted TIP Amendments (link changed 4/30/2024) New
FY 2022-2026 Approved Administrative Modifications (link changed 4/30/2024) New Link:
NIRPC Admin Mod 22-17
NIRPC Admin Mod 22-20
NIRPC Admin Mod 22-23
NIRPC Admin Mod 22-24
NIRPC Admin Mod 22-25
NIRPC Admin Mod 22-55
NIRPC Admin Mod 22-57
NIRPC Admin Mod 22-58
NIRPC Admin Mod 22-59
NIRPC Admin Mod 22-61
NIRPC Admin Mod 22-63
NIRPC Admin Mod 22-65

Please refer to A24-MPO-19 for Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission (NIRPC) 2024-2028 TIP was approved June 6, 2024.




 Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI) Cincinnati 2024-2027
 Terre Haute Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (THAMPO) Terre Haute 2024-2028
STIP Highway FY 2024-2028
Rural Amendments

MPO Amendments

Specials Amendments

Transit Amendments

A24-01 (approved 10/11/2023) KIPDA  
A24-02 (approved 12/7/2023) IMPO, CAMPO, NIRCC
A24-03 (approved 1/31/2024) IMPO
A24-04 (approved 2/7/2024) CAMPO, IMPO, KIPDA, NIRCC  
A24-05 (approved 3/5/2024) IMPO, NIRCC
A24-06 (approved 4/10/2024)
A24-07 (approved 4/10/2024)
A24-08 (approved 5/2/2024)
A24-09 (approved 6/6/2024)

A24-10 (in process)
A24-11 (in process)
A24-12 (draft)
A24-13 (in process) emergency

A24-MPO-01 (approved 9/27/2023) THAMPO TIP 2024-2028
A24-MPO-02 (approved 9/27/2023) EMPO and KIPDA
A24-MPO-03 (approved 12/6/2023) MACOG, NIRCC
A24-MPO-04 (approved 12/6/2023) IMPO
A24-MPO-05 (approved 1/25/2024) CAMPO, DMMPC, IMPO, KIPDA, NIRCC
A24-MPO-06 (approved 11/15/2023) CAMPO
A24-MPO-07 (approved 2/15/2024) BMCMPO, CAMPO, DMMPC, EMPO, IMPO, KIPDA, NIRCC,& OKI
A24-MPO-07B (approved 2/7/2024) MCCOG
A24-MPO-08 (approved 1/18/2024) KHCGCC TIP 2024-2028
A24-MPO-09 (approved 2/21/2024) APCTC, BMCMPO, DMMPC,  IMPO,  KIPDA,  MACOG, & NIRCC
A24-MPO-10 (approved 1/18/2024) MACOG
A24-MPO-11 (approved 3/19/2024) EMPO, KHCGCC, MACOG,& NIRCC
A24-MPO-13 (approved 3/20/2024) KIPDA
A24-MPO-14 (approved 4/11/2024) MCCOG
A24-MPO-15 (approved 5/31/2024) APCTC, DMMPC, EMPO, IMPO, KHCGCC, KIPDA, NIRCC, OKI
A24-MPO-17 (approved 4/24/2024) KIPDA
A24-MPO-18 (approved 4/15/2024) MCCOG special
A24-MPO-19 (approved 6/6/2024) NIRPC TIP 2024-2028
A24-MPO-21 (approved (5/2/2024) KHCGCC
A24-MPO-22 (approved (5/13/2024) OKI

A24-MPO-16 (in process)
A24-MPO-20 (in process)
A24-MPO-23 (in process)
A24-MPO-24 (in process) NIRPC 24-01
A24-MPO-25 (draft)  
A24-MPO-26 (in process) NIRPC 24-00.1 emergency

A24-FS-01 (approved 12/6/023)
A24-EFLHD-01 (approved 1/18/2024 )
A24-TTPTIP-01 (approved 2/9/2024)

A24-FS-02 (5/28/2024)

A24-FTA-01 (approved 12/19/2023)

A24-FTA-02 (approved 3/21/2024)

A24-FTA-03 (approved 6/11/2024) APCTC, MACOG, NIRCC

A24-FTA-04 (approved 6/14/2024)  MACOG 14-24

A24-FTA-05 (approved 7/2/2024)

(draft) - preliminary version not sent to FHWA.  (see this page)
(in process) - amendment has been sent to FHWA.
STIP FY 2024-2028 Approved Modifications Transit

M24-01 (9/25/2023) EMPO, NIRCC, OKI, THEDC
M24-02 (10.11/2023) KIPDA, NIRPC
M24-03 (10/31/2023) NIRCC, NIRPC
M24-04 (10/31/2023) IMPO
M24-05 (11/2.2023) EMPO
M24-06 (11/15/2023) IMPO, NIRPC
M24-07 (11/17/2023)
M24-08 (11/20/2023) NIRPC
M24-09 (11/27/2023)
M24-10 (12/1/2023) DMMPC
M24-11 (12/7/2023)
M24-12 (12/4/2023) IMPO
M24-13 (12/8/2023) IMPO, NIRCC
M24-14 (12/11/2023) IMPO
M24-15 (1/11/2024) IMPO, NIRCC
M24-16 (12/18/2023)
M24-17 (12/20/2023) EMPO
M24-18 (12/22/2023) THEDC
M24-19 (1/16/2024)
M24-20 (1/8/2024)
M24-MPO-01 (1/12/2024) NIRPC's Dec 2023 Admin Mod #22-68 
M24-21 (2/1/2024) DMMPC, EMPO, IMPO, MACOG, NIROC
M24-22 (1/18/2024) IMPO
M24-23 (1/23/2024) IMPO
M24-24 (1/25/2024)
M24-25 (1/29/2024)
M24-26 (2/1/2024)
M24-27 (2/1/2024)
M24-28 (2/7/2024) IMPO
M24-29 (2/7/2024) MCCOG
M24-30 (2/15/2024) IMPO, MACOG

M24-31 (2/23/2024) EMPO, IMPO, KHCGCC, NIRCC, NIRPC
M24-32 (3/8/2024) IMPO, KHCGCC,MCCOG
M24-33 (3/4/2024) NIRCC
M24-34 (3/22/2024) IMPO
M24-35 (3/20/2024) NIRCC
M24-36 (4/5/2024) KIPDA, NIRCC
M24-37 (4/5/2024) NIRPC
M24-38 (4/12/2024) DMMPC, NIRCC
M24-39 (4/19/2024) IMPO, NIRCC
M24-40 (4/26/2024) IMPO, MACOG, NIRPC, NIRCC
M24-41 (4/26/2024) IMPO
M24-42 (5/1/2024) EMPO, KHCGCC, IMPO
M24-43 (4/30/2024) KIPDA, IMPO
M24-44 (5/2/2024) IMPO, MACOG, NIRCC
M24-45 (5/2/2024) KIPDA, IMPO
M24-46 (5/17/2024)
M24-47 (5/17/2024)
M24-48 (5/17/2024) IMPO, MACOG, NIRCC
M24-49 (5/23/2024)
M24-50 (5/23/2024) IMPO, NIRCC, TCAPC
M24-51 (5/31/2024)
M24-52 (5/31/2024) NIRCC Mod 24-157m
M24-53 (6/7/2024)
M24-54 (6/7/2024) NIRCC AM 24-159m, and
MACOG Mod M52-23
M24-55 (6/14/2024)
M24-56 (6/21/2024)
M24-57 (6/21/2024) NIRCC MPO Mod 24-182m, IMPO ADMIN MOD 24-08.3,KHCGCC, NIRPC MPO Mod 24-15,MACOG MPO Mod 5
M24-58 (6/28/2024)
M24-59 (6/28/2024) DMMPC,IMPO, NIRCC
M24-60 (7/5/2024)
M24-61 (7/5/2024) IMPO
M24-62 (7/12/2024)

  M24-FTA-02 (1/29/2024)

Thursday, June 1st Virtual Town Hall 1:00-3:00 & 5:00-7:00 EST.

Register for the Virtual Town Hall: click here.

STIP virtual meeting at June 1, 2023 1 pm
STIP virtual meeting at June 1, 2023 5 pm

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