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Emergency Vehicle Designation

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has statutory authority under Indiana Code to designate certain vehicles as an emergency vehicle.  Pursuant to Indiana Code §9-21-20-1, INDOT has enacted the Emergency Vehicle Designation (EVD) Policy.  The EVD Policy applies to vehicles, other than ambulances owned by a person other than a hospital, which are used in emergency service. The purpose of the EVD Policy is to establish the procedures, rules, and conditions governing emergency vehicle designations and the use of certain vehicles as emergency vehicles. It is INDOT’s intent to make every effort to provide clear rules and consistent application of the EVD Policy.

In support of the clear and consistent application of the EVD Policy, INDOT has provided the following guidance:

Applicants should carefully review the EVD Policy and the EVD Request Procedures before contacting INDOT concerning this process. If questions remain, see contact information below.

Contact Information

Steve Wuertz
Program Funds Manager - Traffic Management Division
INDOT Traffic Management Center 

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