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For travel conditions on state roads, interstates and U.S. routes (road construction, road closures due to weather) throughout the state, visit TrafficWise or call 1-800-261-ROAD.

To report a concern about INDOT roadways, visit INDOT Customer Service at or call 1-855-463-6848.

If your vehicle is damaged on an INDOT roadway (such as by striking a pothole), or your personal property is damaged by an INDOT vehicle (such as a mailbox being struck by an INDOT snow plow, you may file a Tort Claim Notice.

The Indiana Department of Transportation (“INDOT”) has statutory authority under Indiana Code to designate certain vehicles as an emergency vehicle.  Pursuant to Indiana Code §9-21-20-1, INDOT has enacted the Emergency Vehicle Designation (EVD) Policy.  The EVD Policy applies to vehicles, other than ambulances owned by a person other than a hospital, which are used in emergency service.  The purpose of the EVD Policy is to establish the procedures, rules, and conditions governing emergency vehicle designations and the use of certain vehicles as emergency vehicles.  It is INDOT’s intent to make every effort to provide clear rules and consistent application of the EVD Policy.

Consultants wishing to do business with INDOT must be prequalified. See the Consultants Prequalification page for more information.

Contractors wishing to do business with INDOT must be prequalified. See the Contractors Prequalification page for more information.

More information on doing business with INDOT, including Procurement, Requests for Proposals and Contract Letting Information, can be found at Doing Business with INDOT.

Employment opportunities with INDOT and other state agencies can be found at the Indiana State Personnel Department.

Additional federal and state transportation-related information may be found at:

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