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INDOT Public Records Request Form

Welcome to INDOT’s Access to Public Records Act (APRA) information and request page. It is INDOT’s policy to require all requests for public records to be made in writing. So that we can better assist you, please fill in all fields in the request form below as completely as you can.

Please note that in accordance with the APRA, a request for public records must be made with reasonable particularity. Though “reasonable particularity” is not defined under the APRA, Indiana’s Public Access Counselor has advised that a public records request should not contain language such as “any and all”.  Further, requests for email or other correspondence should include a date range and should identify desired sender and recipient names.  If your request is not reasonably particular, our office may contact you seeking clarification of your request.

Pursuant to Indiana Code §5-14-3-3, INDOT will provide any and all responsive and disclosable records within a reasonable period of time.  INDOT provides records electronically unless hard copies of records are specifically requested.

Once you submit a request, our office will contact you shortly confirming receipt of your Public Records Request.  Please direct any questions about this form or about INDOT public records to Amy Miller, INDOT Public Records Program Coordinator, at Thank you for contacting INDOT!

description of records requested, as specific as possible. please include date range of request.

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