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Paint Truck Camera

Pavement markings, which are used to convey messages to traveling Hoosiers, are generally repainted by district crews between April and October. However, the process is not as simple as dragging paint behind a truck. There are multiple steps to ensure correct pavement temperature to the monitoring of the application. Therefore, the Paint Truck Camera was introduced to surveil operations instantaneously.

The traditional process requires painters to slightly lean over the side of the paint truck with a hard hat on to see the paint guns and lines while painting. This causes a neck strain that is difficult to maintain with long days of painting. Since hard hats are a non-negotiable part of the job, the Paint Truck Camera was introduced as a solution to decrease the fatigue and neck/back issues for paint crews across the state.

This camera, which will show crews the painting progress in real time, will greatly reduce the number of times painters have to look over the edge of the truck. The innovation allows painters to sit straight up and down for much of the day to allow for less stress on the neck and back. The Paint Truck Camera eases the pavement marking process and ensures a smoother, less detrimental operation throughout.

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