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The E- Saximeter device optimizes the pile-driving process through sound. It is also referred to as the wireless blow count device for pile driving. Pile driving is a construction technique used to install long, slender structural elements called piles into the ground. It is commonly used in building foundations, bridges, and other structures. During pile driving, a large hammer or driver is repeatedly lifted and dropped onto the head of the pile, creating a force that drives it into the ground. The process continues until the pile has reached the desired depth or resistance.

A blow count is a measure of the effort required to advance a pile, counting how many blows it took for the pile to go down a certain distance. This indicates how easily the pile is being driven into the ground and provides an estimate of the pile's bearing capacity. Prior to this innovative tool, the blow count was measured by hand.

The handheld device has completely optimized this process. The E-Saximeter uses sound recognition to automatically detect hammer blows. This information is recorded and stored within the device’s memory and may be directly printed or transferred to a computer for further processing. The E-Saximeter gives a deeper look into a plethora of insights surrounding the pile driving process, while creating a seamless and efficient experience of transferring recorded data into official reports.

INDOT utilizes the device to:

  • Count the number of blows on a pile and generate an accurate report.
  • Upload information digitally to all INDOT’s major systems.
  • Create bridge contracts.

Sax Q System available from Pile Dynamics, Inc. For quote
SmartPile System available from Smart Structures, LLC For quote call: 212-946-2707

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