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INDOT Mission Goals and Values

INDOT Mission, Goals, Vision and Values

INDOT Mission

Collaboratively plan, build, and maintain safe and innovative transportation infrastructure that enhances quality of life, drives economic growth, and accommodates new modes of transport.

Agency Goals – Taking INDOT to the Next Level

Focus on Safety

  • Work in Partnership with Local Governments to Prevent Injuries and Loss of Life
    • Reduce fatalities and incapacitating injuries on Indiana roadways by 25% in 10 years.
  • Collaborate with Employees and External Partners to Continue to Foster a Safety Culture
    • Reduce work zone incidents by 5%.

Plan for the Future

  • Enhance Sustainability, Resiliency, Access and Innovation in Our Transportation Network
    • Develop comprehensive plans for each of these areas.
    • Integrate these concepts into planning and decision making.
  • Support Economic Development, Quality of Life, and Talent Attraction and Retention
    • Leverage transportation to strengthen communities, develop Indiana’s economy, and grow the state’s workforce.

Excellence in Core Service Delivery

  • Deliver on 20-Year Plan Commitments
    • Prioritize taking care of what we have.
    • Finish major projects.
    • Maximize federal and state funding opportunities.
    • Build and maintain a safe transportation network for all users and workers.
  • Commit to Process Adherence Excellence
    • Follow processes and procedures.
    • Deliver core services effectively and efficiently.
    • Build on our commitment to great government service.

Enhance Internal Services

  • Embrace Collaboration and Intra-agency Partnership
    • Continue breaking down silos.
    • Work together to achieve success.
  • Optimize Internal Customer Service
    • Take care of team members in order to serve our customers.
    • Ensure team members have the support, tools and resources to get the job done.
  • Advance Our 21st Century Workforce
    • Continue to prioritize training, communication and programming to develop, attract and retain talented team members.

Intentional Partnership

  • Build and Strengthen Relationships
    • Cultivate and maintain great relationships with external partners to drive success.
  • Emphasize Strategic Communication, Collaboration and Outreach
    • Practice meaningful, two-way communication.
    • Collaborate with purpose for the benefit of partners and INDOT.

Strategic Plan

INDOT Vision

Be a leading innovator in transportation, with an exceptional workforce, that is driven by connecting Hoosiers with the world.

INDOT Core Values

Value the individual skills, experience, diversity and contributions of fellow employees.

Empower our people to share information and seek input from partners to achieve goals.

Take responsibility for actions and decisions to encourage a culture of ownership and pride.

Focus on new, practical ideas and technology to continuously serve our customers better and more efficiently.

Trust is the main focus around which the Core Values are centered. Without trust, we as an organization cannot function properly to achieve our organizational goals.


INDOT employees give their time to build a better community by volunteering with many charities and organizations. For more information please visit our INDOT Cares webpage.

5 Pillars: Next Level Indiana

Gov. Eric Holcomb is elevating Indiana to the next level by focusing on five key pillars of state improvement. For more information visit the 5 Pillars webpage.

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