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Research Projects Earn National Honors

December 2022

Two high-value Indiana research projects were chosen for prestigious national transportation industry awards by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Research Advisory Committee in November.

· “Assessment of an Offset Pedestrian Crossing for Multilane Arterials,” won a Sweet 16 Award for being among the nation’s top 16 research projects. The project explores the benefits of a pedestrian crosswalk that is physically displaced from the intersection, using simulation software to estimate the benefits in terms of delay and pedestrian travel time.

· “Repair and Strengthening of Bridges in Indiana Using Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Systems,” was cited for the construction category. The research resulted in recommendations for the most appropriate applications of fiber-reinforced polymer on deteriorating bridges.

Both research projects are the result of a collaboration involving INDOT and Purdue University’s Joint Transportation Research Program, which identifies and fosters innovations that advance efficiency of Indiana’s transportation infrastructure.

INDOT Traffic Engineer Tim Watson and Managing Director of Engineering and Chief Engineer Jeremy Hunter were the INDOT business owners for the projects, and Research & Development (R&D) Section Manager Tommy Nantung submitted the award nominations.

R&D Section Manager Tim Wells was involved in the pedestrian crossing project, and R&D Bridge Research Engineer Prince Baah helped research the bridge project.

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