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District’s New Exhibit Honors Those with Military Service

May 2022

INDOT’s Greenfield District is honoring district employees (or family members) who are veterans or current service members year-round with the recent installation of a Military Wall of Honor in the entrance of the district’s administrative building.

The wall features display cases that currently honor 13 district employees or family members who are veterans or active service members. The number of tributes is expected to grow from the initial contributors. Besides photos, the display includes background information about the members, patriotic décor and phrases, and quotes from nonmilitary district employees about why they honor those who have served.

District staffers Coty Craft, Jacob Phillips, and Steve Rayl — who all have military experience — created the Military Wall of Honor.

“We wouldn’t have the America we have now without every person before you, or currently still in, the military,” said Craft. “That’s why we went into such detail and collaborated so much on the display. We didn’t want to just throw something together; we wanted to honor people the best that we could.”

Rayl said: “My involvement with the display is mostly because of how proud I am of my two sons’ service. After the Twin Towers got hit and collapsed on 9/11, they decided to serve their country. Military police colleagues of my oldest son were killed in action in Iraq. I went to both of those funerals, and that made me focus on honoring people who put their lives on the line for you.”

Said Phillips: “One of the things that I love about INDOT is the overwhelming sense of service people feel toward taking care of our state’s infrastructure; it seemed appropriate to recognize those on our team who have made additional sacrifices and served in uniform, as well. It was important to be inclusive of those who have family members who have made similar commitments.”

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