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Construction Conferences Rock!

April 2023

Construction, construction, what’s your function?

This silly take on the old “Schoolhouse Rock” song is suitable at INDOT during late winter, when statewide construction conferences provide updates and details to help Construction Division employees plan for upcoming dirt-digging and related activities.

More than two dozen Construction Division leaders, along with Federal Highway Administration representatives, presented on topics such as construction management, concrete, Geotech, materials, and safety. The conferences took place at seven locations across the state in February and March.

At all these INDOT conferences, it was abundantly clear that any agency staff member involved in Construction carries many important responsibilities.

“You’re all asked to perform a large variety of tasks,” said INDOT State Construction Engineer Joe Novak at the kickoff conference. “The variety makes it interesting but also makes it hard. You’re asked to know, or learn to do, all these tasks with success. Getting all this done is challenging but striving to do your best is appreciated.

“Technology and the world continue to get more sophisticated. Sophistication enables us to do different things, but we can’t be an expert in everything,” he said. “Here in INDOT’s Construction Division, our Central Office and all six districts work together to help one another, so never be afraid to reach out.”

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