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Motorized Recreation


Motorized recreation in Indiana includes both snowmobiling and off-road vehicle (ORV) recreation. Geography and weather separate the two programs, but they have much in common. Both programs are:

  • Funded using registration revenue
  • Regulated by Indiana Code and Indiana Administrative Code
  • Administered by the DNR Division of Outdoor Recreation
  • Successes due to partnerships with volunteers
  • Safe and fun outdoor recreational sports

Snowmobile and ORV registration and titles

As of January 2014, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) handles all snowmobile and ORV registrations. IC 9-18.1-14.1 requires that all snowmobile and ORVs purchased after December 31, 2003 be registered; only a few exceptions apply.

Out-of-state visitors to Redbird SRA and Interlake SRA can purchase a $20 annual Out of State Motorized Trail Use permit, in lieu of a state ORV registration. The permit is only valid at these two DNR properties, and is available for purchase at the property gatehouse or office.

If an out-of-state visitor wants to drive on Indiana roadways open to ORV use, the out-of-state ORVs must be registered in the owner’s state or registered through the Indiana BMV. If not registered in their home state, out-of-state owners must apply in-person at an Indiana BMV branch. Registration must include 1) a registration number specific to the ORV, 2) owner name and address, 3) ORV year, 4) manufacturer, 5) make, 6) model, and 7) VIN.

A motorized trail use permit is not an ORV registration.

Indiana Snowmobile and ORV Laws


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