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Mississinewa Lake

Mississinewa Lake
4673 S. 625 E.
Peru, IN 46970

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Mississinewa Lake advisories

  • BLUE-GREEN ALGAE: Blue-green algae is at the ADVISORY alert level for the beach at MISSISSINEWA LAKE: Swimming and boating are permitted. Avoid contact with this algae and swallowing water while swimming. Take a bath or shower with warm soapy water after coming in contact with lake water. Do not use lake water for cooking nor bathing and do not allow your pets to swim or drink water where algae are present. Check back for updates.Learn more about blue-green algae.

Upcoming Events at Mississinewa Lake

  • Description

    This property is a stop on the

    Birding Trail Logo

    Learn more at www.indianabirdingtrail.com.

    Miami SRA, Red Bridge SRA w/marina, Frances Slocum SRA, Pearson Mill SRA

    14,386 acres - 3,210-acre lake

    Mississinewa Lake, one of the three Upper Wabash flood-control reservoirs, offers excellent fishing, hunting  and boating opportunities in the heart of north-central Indiana. In addition to featuring a 400-plus-site campground and family cabins, Mississinewa was the first state property in Indiana to introduce seasonal camping, where visitors can retain a campsite for the entire season in an all-new campground. The expanses of forests, prairies and farmland surrounding the lake provide attractive habitat to a wide variety of wildlife, exhibiting exceptional viewing opportunities for hikers, bird watchers and touring bicyclists.

    Water safety matters! If you use one of our big reservoirs for swimming, fishing, boating or skiing, check out Bobber the Water Dog, brought to you by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

  • Activities

    Camping - See campground maps under MAPS tab

  • Trails

    Note: For trail locations, view the property map under the MAPS tab.

    1. Easy Access Trail (0.4 mile) EASY—This paved loop is in the Frances Slocum picnic area. A brochure is available at the property office.

    2. Lost Sister Trail (2.5 miles) MODERATE—This moderate, self-guided loop trail winds through mature woods with excellent wildflowers in spring. A self-guided brochure is available at the property office.

    3. Blue Heron Trail (2.5 miles) MODERATE—This loop trail traverses moderate terrain, is located in the Miami SRA and includes several scenic views of the lake and dam. A self-guided brochure is available at the property office.

    4. Moswa Trail (1.5 miles) MODERATE—This loop trail crosses meadows, follows Troyer’s Creek and includes a spur through woods to a pond.

    5. Shepoconnah Trail (1.0 mile) MODERATE—This trail begins behind the modern campground and wanders through open meadows and young forest. Look for deer, nesting birds and summer wildflowers.

    6. Wildlife Area Hiking—Parking lots are provided near many areas, and access lanes provide paths. For more information, contact the property office. Hunting is allowed in many of these areas in season. Hunter Orange clothing is recommended.


  • Maps