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Pine Hills Group Camp / Cottages

Pine Hills Group Camp

$310 per night plus tax. Fifteen (15) group camp cabins with total capacity of 155 people. Cabins are not heated or air conditioned. Rental includes a dining hall that is equipped with all pots, pans, cooking and serving utensils to cook for and serve 155 people. It has a walk-in refrigerator and walk-in freezer. Centralized modern bathhouse is accessible. No Pets. Must be 21 years of age to rent cottages. Minimum stay is one night during week, two nights on weekend.

Pine Hills Group Cottages (buildings and/or dining hall rented individually)

$20 to $40 per night plus tax. Cottages have capacity of four, six, 12 or 16. Pine Hills Dining Hall can also be rented for $100 plus tax. Centralized bathhouse and some cottages are accessible. Cottages are not heated or air conditioned. No Pets. Must be 21 years of age to rent cottages. Minimum stay is one night during the week and two nights on weekends.


If a customer wants to reserve the entire group camp at the discounted group camp price, he/she will have to do so during the calendar year that is PRIOR TO the year in which they plan to stay. Inventory for group camps is available on a 12-month rolling window. From April 1 - Nov. 15, a customer can reserve the group camp for the next year, as early as one-year prior to arrival, for the discounted group camp price.

  • EXAMPLE 1: If I want the group camp for a week in June in 2014, I will have to reserve it beginning that same week in June 2013 through Nov. 15 , 2013.
  • EXAMPLE 2: If I want a group camp for a weekend in October 2014, I will have to reserve it between that weekend in 2013 and Nov. 15, 2013.

Inventory Freezes November 16-30 each year. No new reservations during this time. No changes made during this time.
Cottage inventory is loaded during this time All group camp inventory is closed for further reservations. Beginning Dec. 1 of a given year, cottage inventory becomes available for the following year. Customers will pay full cottage and/or dining hall price. No "group camp discount" given even if a customer wants the whole camp. Inventory for cottages is available on a six-month rolling window. When cottage inventory becomes available on Dec. 1, customers can book for arrival dates between April 1 through June 1 of the following year.

Available facilities in this area include: One dining hall (capacity 155), One cottage that sleeps four, two cottages that each sleep six, six cottages that each sleep 12, six cottages that each sleep 16.



Reservation phone numbers:

Camping, cabins, shelters, group camps: 1-866-622-6746.
State Park Inns and Brown County State Park cabins: 1-877-563-4371.

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