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Hardy Lake - Hunting and Trapping

4171 E. Harrod Road
Scottsburg, IN 47170

2,178.16 acres - 741-acre lake

Hunting and Trapping

Hardy Lake is 2,450 acres with a 741 acre lake. The Hardy Lake office is open daily thru first weekend in December from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Hunting and fishing licenses may be purchased from the office along with federal duck stamps(a limited number of these stamps are available so call ahead to be sure the stamps are in stock).

General Information

An Archery Trail is available on property. The parking lot is located at the corner of Crothersville Road and Whitsitt Road. The range is available on a first come, first serve basis, but can be reserved for special activities. To reserve the archery range for a special shoot, contact Hardy Lake Office.

Dog running is allowed only during hunting season due to property size.

Hunter education class is offered in the spring and the fall. Check the DNR Law Enforcement Web Page, Hunter Education Calendar for exact dates. The class does require pre-registration before attending class (space is limited).

Trapping opportunities are available through a sealed bidding process for specific trapping units. Contact the property office in late summer for details on the bidding process.

All hunters must register and sign the waiver of liability at one of the hunter sign-in stations on the property. Hunter sign-in is mandatory, and failure to sign in and out properly may result in a fine. All game taken must be recorded on a required one-day hunter permit card that is carried with you as you hunt and turned in at the end of the day. At some properties, the card must be returned to the same hunter sign-in station where the waiver of liability was signed; please look for that requirement when you check-in. Take and use only one card per day. This system provides valuable wildlife management information.

Accessible hunting opportunities are available. Inquire at the property office or by calling 812-794-3800.

Species Specific Information

Rabbit: Hardy has extremely high hunter activity for property our size in October. There is limited success throughout the season due to early hunter activity.

Bobwhite: Very limited hunter activity or success. Property size and early rabbit hunting moves the Quail population onto private property.

Squirrel: Can be very good. With the right conditions Hardy has some very good squirrel producing woods. Both fox and gray squirrels can be found at Hardy.

White-tailed Deer: Hardy is not over run by deer or hunters. Continued management has kept the deer population in check. Hardy Lake allows the use of bonus county antlerless deer tags.

Wild Turkey: 2007 will mark the first season for youth turkey reserved hunt drawings. Keep a look out for news release or DNR web page as to how the property draws will work. Spring turkey hunting has had limited success due to property size and turkey movement. Fall wild turkey hunting activity has been slow with none being taken off the property yet.

Waterfowl: Two property draws are held at the Hardy Lake office each year. One is on the first Saturday and Sunday of the October season. The second is held on the first two days of the November season. Contact the office at least two weeks prior to hunting dates to find out specifics of draw. Hardy has three constructed blinds on Quick Creek Marsh. Two other marshes are available with no constructed blinds. Seventeen blind locations are laid out on the lake shoreline (no constructed blinds). Restrooms are left open at Alpha Ramp all season for hunter convenience.

Mourning dove: Reserved drawings are held for the first two days. First come first serve hunting is available after first two days. Hunter success of course changes from year to year. Weather from May to September will determine the success of the hunting season.

Raccoon or Furbearing Animals: Some hunter activity but property size limits the amount success.

Shorebirds/wetland birds: Very limited hunter activity.

Ruffed grouse: Very limited activity last grouse seen on Hardy property was in 1997.

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