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Shoulder Patch Information

Patch Indiana was the 12th state to offer protection to its citizens with a state police force. In 1921, the Indiana General Assembly authorized the formation of a sixteen-man motor vehicle police force empowered to apprehend motor vehicle thieves. Improved protection and service to citizens was provided in 1933, when the General Assembly organized the state's many separate enforcement bureaus into one unit - the Indiana State Police Department. Since that time, the department has provided the best in police service to Indiana citizens. The demand and need for public service is a constant challenge for the Indiana State Police Officer. Behind the wheel of a police car, at the controls of a helicopter, underwater in scuba gear, handling explosives or firearms with an expert's touch, a trooper's career is one of action. The spirit that makes the Indiana State Police Department great lies in the dedication of its members and the department's determination to constantly improve its level of service. This spirit will prevail as the Indiana State Police continue to improve services in order to remain among the top law enforcement agencies in the country and to stand as a symbol of pride and security to the State of Indiana.

In the interest of public safety, and as a matter of policy the Indiana State Police does not provide official uniform shoulder patches to anyone outside our agency.

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