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Major Jerry Williams

Major Jerry W. Williams

The Assistant Chief of Staff / Logistics coordinates for the Superintendent all matters regarding the logistics needs of the Department.

With delegated authority from the Superintendent over Logistics, among several other responsibilities the Assistant Chief of Staff / Logistics plans, coordinates, and supervises the provision of the Department in the areas of supply, maintenance, engineering, transportation and Aviation maintenance. He analyzes courses of action and estimates supportability from a logistics perspective.

He also manages all real property and facilities of the Department, and maintains visibility of Department logistics status and material readiness. Through close and continuous coordination with the Assistant Chief of Staff / Operations and supporting Departmental units, the Assistant Chief of Staff / Logistics identifies Department requirements and prioritizes and plans the location of logistic support. Additionally, with the support of the Assistant Chief of Staff / Fiscal, he conducts procurement and contracting for all necessary materials and supplies to support the Department's mission.

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