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Director Mickey James

Director Mickey James

The Assistant Chief of Staff / Fiscal coordinates for the Superintendent all matters regarding the fiscal needs of the Department.

With delegated authority from the Superintendent over Fiscal, among several other responsibilities the Assistant Chief of Staff / Fiscal supervises the execution of policies and procedures pertaining to the financial management of appropriated funds for the Department. This includes budget formulation and execution, finance, and resource evaluation and analysis. In managing the fiscal status of the Department, she maintains records reflecting the use and status of appropriated funds made available through the Department’s budget, prepares reports pertaining to the status of allotments, and other fiscal matters.

She also analyzes courses of action and estimates supportability from a fiscal perspective. In doing so, the Assistant Chief of Staff / Fiscal provides resource evaluation and analysis, including the evaluation and analysis of resource management issues and problems, work station inspections, and external audits liaison.

Additionally, the Assistant Chief of Staff / Fiscal facilitates the preparation and execution of the Department’s budget, fiscal plans, and appropriations by providing guidance for the formulation of budgets, compiling budget estimates, and reviewing and monitoring budget performance and execution. Moreover, she provides guidance procedures related to department fiscal matters and the collection of public funds; ascertains the validity of disbursements; and supervises and directs the legal expenditure of public funds. In support of the Assistant Chief of Staff / Logistics, she provides fiscal assistance and support for matters regarding the logistical needs of the Department.

Fiscal Section

  • Payroll Unit
  • Overtime Unit
  • Travel Unit
  • Accounts Payable Unit
  • Accounts Receivable Unit
  • Purchasing Unit
  • Contract Administration Unit
  • Grant Management Unit

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