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ICPC Basics Course Descriptions

B01—Intro to Law Enforcement Chaplaincy

This course is an introduction to the law enforcement chaplain ministry addressing elements of scope, purpose, mission, pitfalls and wellness.

B02—Death Notification

This course will introduce strategic principles designed to prepare the chaplain to deliver a more effective death notification.

B03—Stress Management

This course assists law enforcement personnel and chaplains in recognizing and dealing with all aspects of the Stress Management, Burnout, CISM and Post Shoot Trauma.

B04—Ceremonies and Events

This course discusses the law enforcement chaplain’s involvement in various public events and ceremonies including graduations, funerals, and public prayer.

B05—Legal Liability and Confidentiality

This course will identify, define and address the legal and ethical responsibilities while serving as a chaplain and a confidant.


This course deals with moral decisions faced by law enforcement officers and chaplains alike.

B07—Responding to a Crisis Situation

This course assists the chaplain in understanding “a crisis event” and the basic responses from family and victims who experience sudden traumatic events. The course will focus on effective on-scene and post-event practical care; emotionally, physically and spiritually.

B08—Law Enforcement Family

This course describes the law enforcement family and how chaplains can minister to them.

B09—Substance Abuse

This course develops an understanding and recognition of drug and alcohol abuse and how the chaplain can minister to those within the department. Treatment possibilities are included in this course.


This course addresses practical aspects of responding to a suicide and will cover law enforcement suicide.

B11—Officer Injury or Death

This course will provide information on the proper response of a law enforcement agency to a line-of-duty death. Areas of coverage include: notification, funeral protocols, and appropriate responses of the law enforcement agency following the funeral. Protocols for defusing and debriefing will be discussed.

B12—Sensitivity and Diversity

This course offers an understanding of prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination, and cultural differences.

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