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Superload Escorts

A Superload is any vehicle (plus its load) which exceeds the following weights and dimensions:

  • Width exceeding 17 feet
  • Height exceeding 15 feet
  • Length exceeding 110 feet
  • Weight exceeding 108,000 pounds

Superloads weighing less than 200,000 pounds may require a police escort depending on road conditions.  Superloads weighing 200,000 pounds or more require a police escort if the route includes bridge slowdowns.  All superloads require a permit issued by the Indiana Department of Revenue (IDOR).

Superload escorts may occur only Monday through Friday, between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm, unless it is deemed an emergency movement and such movement is approved by INDOT or IDOR. (Superloads will be declared an emergency ONLY for life and death situations.)

Superload Permits & Indiana State Police Escort

Superload Permits & Indiana State Police Escort

  1. Order the permit from IDOR
  2. Upon notification from IDOR, the carrier must request a Superload Agreement Number from the ISP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division (CVED), 812-533-1100
  3. Fill out the contract, (below) attach a copy of the permit and slowdowns, and fax to the CVED at 812-533-1344
  4. CVED will set up an escort date within 72 hours

Download the ISP Superload Escort Agreement.