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Motor Coach Inspection

In 1996 the division formed a specialized team consisting of Motor Carrier Inspectors trained and certified in FMCSA and CVSA regulations specific to bus and motor coach operations. The team conducts inspections at destination sites and at company terminals in Indiana.

The Indiana State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division is committed to Passenger Vehicle Safety, and conducts over 150 passenger vehicle destination inspections each year. The division’s efforts in bus and motor coach safety have become a model for the rest of the country. Indiana was the first state to hold a Motor Coach Safety Conference and Council, a partnership program between law enforcement and the motor coach industry designed to improve safety in the industry.

The Indiana State Police has established a 24 hour toll free number, (800) 622-4962, for persons to report motor coach buses they believe are not being operated safely or are in need of repair.  Anyone suspecting the safety of a motor coach is urged to report his or her concerns to this number.

FMCSA recently published a web site to inform passenger carriers and the traveling public about their passenger carrier program and regulations. For the travelling public this site offers tips for planning a bus trip, selecting the right type of passenger carrying vehicle for your group, selecting a safe company for your trip, and a link for reporting passenger vehicle safety violations.   For passenger carriers, this site offers tips and rules for operating passenger vehicles, along with regulatory information.

Additional information concerning the motor coach industry can be found at the American Bus Association and the United Motor Coach Association.

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