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INSafe: Safety and Health Consultation

We're your partner in workplace safety and health.

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OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard for COVID-19 in Healthcare

The Indiana Department of Labor hosted a webinar regarding the new Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) for COVID-19 in Healthcare. The webinar discussed what types of employers are affected by the ETS, how employers may best navigate the ETS, and the different requirements for vaccinated and unvaccinated workers. To see a recording of the presentation, click here.

INSafe, a division of the Indiana Department of Labor, works with Indiana's employers, employees, labor unions, professional groups, trade organizations and others to ensure workplace health and safety.

Free INSafe services include on-site consultation, group training and seminars, educational publications and training materials, along with pro-active voluntary health and safety programs designed to bring employers and employees together to create and maintain healthy working environments.

INSafe works hand-in-hand for Indiana workers' safety.

We're here to help advance the safety and health of Hoosiers in the workplace.
The federal Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 encouraged states to develop and implement their own proactive safety and health consultation program. INSafe is Indiana's consultation program, and we provide free consultation services to assist employers in achieving voluntary safety and health compliance.

We're your partner in safety and health compliance.
INSafe does not impose fines. Instead, we offer programs and services that educate and assist employers in safety compliance.

To request the services of INSafe please complete our online form available here.

We look forward to working with you.
INSafe's staff are professionals dedicated to working with employers and employees to identify and resolve workplace health and safety issues. Free service is provided regardless of the employer's size or type of industry.

INSafe conducts numerous safety courses and seminars statewide. Consultants assist employers in achieving voluntary compliance with IOSHA safety standards by performing consultation visits, and partnering with companies in INSHARP.

INSafe also sponsors the annual Governor’s Workplace Safety Awards in partnership with the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and the Central Indiana Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers.

At the time of publication of this website (6/2021), INSafe, the Indiana Consultation State Plan, receives 84.1% of its budget from a grant of $941,300 in federal funds. The remaining 15.9% of the State Plan budget is financed through $179,066 in Indiana state dedicated fund.