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2023 Governor's Workplace Safety Awards

Gaylor Electric, Noblesville, Indiana
Education and Outreach


In 2022, Gaylor Electric hosted The Gaylor Electric National Summit. This provided an opportunity for the entire organization, from all locations, to come together as a united front for safety. The National Summit ultimately brought excitement and fellowship to the safety realm and fostered a common goal: “Take care of one another!”

One of the key take-aways from the summit was accountability. Gaylor Electric defined accountability as an action that would empower people to make the best decisions, which in turn, would lead to success for all. The Gaylor Electric National Summit was entirely planned and executed internally. Employees attended a variety of safety-focused educational classes, mingled with individuals from other departments and locations, heard the strategic plan from their president and CEO, and shared countless ideas with their new contacts.

Lippert Plant 50, Goshen, Indiana.
Partnerships for a Small-Sized Company


Safety is priority #1 at Lippert, starting with the CEO's annual statement. General managers and assistant general managers begin each day with a morning meeting led by EHS. Management and production leads then hold 5-minute safety meetings immediately afterwards with Lippert's 700 team members to discuss what they just learned.

In 2022, Lippert Plant 50 partnered with IOSHA and their VPP program, becoming the first company in the RV industry to achieve VPP Merit status. In exploring this partnership, Lippert implemented a near miss QR code program that garnered significant participation from team members. With more individuals looking for near-miss opportunities and identifying potential hazards, accidents are avoided and problems are corrected pro-actively.

Lippert's changes in safety culture have resulted in a 50% reduction in significant injuries and fatalities, and a 15% reduction in total recordable injuries.

GE Aerospace Lafayette Engine Facility, Lafayette, Indiana

The Lafayette Engineering Facility was experiencing an increase in ergonomic injuries and needed a systemized approach for identifying, evaluating, and addressing ergonomic issues and high-risk ergonomic operations.

To combat these issues, the Lafayette Engine Facility formed an Ergonomic Committee that includes technicians, ehs, engineering, facilities, clinic athletic trainers, and plant/program leaders to evaluate newly identified ergonomic concerns, review implemented solutions, and assign next steps and actions.

The site uses data gathered from a Body Discomfort Survey to identify processes that aggravate discomfort. The committee then reviews, evaluates, and offers solutions for the issues. Twenty projects were completed last year, and another 21 projects are currently underway. Workers' compensations costs were reduced by 46% from 2020 to 2021, and by an additional 75% from 2021 to 2022.

Korellis Roofing Inc., Hammond, Indiana 
Rising Star

Korellis believes in having the highest quality systems, performed by the most proficient workers, and is one of only two subcontractors in their industry that have their own certified training and testing location.

Their certified training facility takes employees through safety orientation and advanced training in both classroom and hands-on settings. This training allows Korellis to train workers for both safety and technical proficiency. Each trade receives its own syllabus, and safety training is part of each session.

Korellis has worked extensively with the Indiana Department of Labor's INSafe and INSHARP programs and is working toward VPP status in the future.

Oneal Manufacturing Services, Indianapolis, Indiana
Rising Star

Oneal strives to create a culture where team members can engage with each other, learn from each other, and create relationships built on trust.

To move them toward this goal, Oneal organized a safety week: a week-long event that combines team building activities with safety training that engages all team members in their safety culture.  On the final day of the event, Oneal hosts an open house with employee family members touring the facility and performing safety activities. This helps keep employees, and their families, engaged by putting a face on safety.

Safety week has helped bolster Oneal's safety culture and improved their safety metrics.