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Everyday Safety Hero Award Recipients 2024

2024 Everyday Safety Hero Awards

Jesse and James ESH 2024

Jesse Neese, Yardmaster and James Farley, Electrical and Instruments Technician
Grain Processing Corporation
Washington, IN

As the Yardmaster, Jesse Neese is responsible for the majority of the rail movement within the facility. With his experience in this area, Jesse plays an active role in ensuring that all of the new hires that are put into this job understand the hazards of moving rail. He has been a huge part of the Safety Leadership Team at Grain Processing Corporation. He is the first one to volunteer for safety assignments such as recording minutes and action items from safety meetings and coordinating a safety fair for employees.

Jesse is very good at recognizing hazards in the workplace and will quickly stop and address someone who is doing something unsafe. He is revered by his coworkers as someone who does things the safe way and the right way.

James Farley is a charter member of the Safety Leadership Team at Grain Processing Corporation. He is viewed by others as a leader and an advocate for safety. With James' help, the Safety Leadership Team implemented an observation style program incentivizing the early detection of hazards. James' team continually lead the facility in the number of hazards submitted. James also researched, created, and implemented a new working procedure to minimize arc flash and accidental electrocution risks.

In one particular safety meeting, James said, "Anytime that I am getting ready to work on something, regardless of the hazards, I think about my family.  At the end of the day, they are waiting for me to come home". That message deeply resonated with his coworkers and company management.

Jenny W 2024

Jenny Waller, Bender Operator
Cardinal IG
Fremont, IN

Jenny began as a bender operator in the Mezzanine Department with Cardinal Glass in 2007. After leaving to return to school in 2011, she was rehired in 2013 and has served as a team lead and a trainer for new employees.

Jenny also sits on the Simple Safety committee. There, she and other employees prepare and present quarterly safety presentations for the entire facility population. Jenny herself has been instrumental in developing the materials for these presentations. The trainings are offered in multiple sessions to reach all 350 hourly and salaried employees.

Jenny’s positive attitude toward production, quality, and safety make her a shining example of Cardinal IG’s core values, which they call FRITOS: Family, Respect, Integrity, Trust, Ownership and Safety.

Andy 2024

Andy Burnett, Airport Operations Center Communications Manager
Indianapolis Airport Authority
Indianapolis, IN

A former firefighter, Andy Burnett has spent more than twenty years leading a team at the Airport Operations Center. This team serves as the communications hub for all internal and external calls on the airport campus, including 911. Andy's team operates 24/7 and are the first people to learn about critical incidents and emergencies.

Andy was the driving force for the creation of the Airport Community Emergency Response Team, or A-CERT. Since the program's launch in 2023, Andy has trained and empowered 34 airport employees, as well as trainees from the IAA, TSA, and other airport business partners. Last October, a passenger experienced a medical emergency. A TSA officer who had gone through Andy's A-CERT training responded, stabilized his head and neck to help his labored breathing, and remained with the passenger to update the airport's first responders. The passenger survived the incident.

Tyler 2024

Tyler Conrad, Metal Production Associate
Viewrail - Plant 6
Goshen, IN

Tyler Conrad's commitment to workplace safety extends beyond mere compliance; it's about fostering a culture of engagement, continual improvement, and mentorship. During the 2023 Viewrail ENGAGE Campaign, Tyler emerged as a safety champion, particularly when recognizing team members for working safely.
Tyler finished the National Safety Month - ENGAGE Campaign with 115 logged Safety Engagements, more than anyone else in the company.

This dedication to mentorship extends beyond the roles of his position. His approachable demeanor and genuine concern for his colleagues' well-being created an environment where everyone felt comfortable participating in the ENGAGE campaign, further contributing to the overall safety culture within the facility as well as the organization.
the campaign.

Jesse and James ESH 2024Jenny ESH 2024

Professor Kendra Erk, of Materials Engineering and Shane Hasebly, Building Senior Manager
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN

Professor Kendra Erk has served as Faculty Chair of the School of Materials Engineering Safety Committee since 2018.  In this role, she has developed and led the implementation of new safety initiatives in the School of Material Engineering. These initiatives have successfully streamlined the communication of safety issues and best practices within the school to maintain a constant dialog about safety among all students, faculty, and staff.

Professor Erk strengthened the school's relationship with Purdue EHS both formally and informally. Since 2019, she has personally authored the bi-monthly Material Engineering Safety & Equipment Newsletter which is sent to all personnel and addresses a wide range of topics from fume hood best practices to COVID vaccination guidance to wintertime safety. She also encourages student- and staff-led safety initiatives including the creation of a safety bulletin board in Armstrong Hall of Engineering, the new "Chemical Spill Drill" scenario-based training events, and the adoption of emergency code words.

Shane Hasebly has been instrumental in transforming the Purdue custodial team's safety culture, helping their staff become more comfortable sharing issues and more collaborative in making effective corrections. He has provided a consistent voice across all shifts and areas--bridging the gaps between groups. Shane led the efforts to develop a safety management system, met one on one with employees and leaders to model safety and address employee concerns, and worked with leadership to ensure issues are addressed quickly to build confidence and trust in the program.

Shane's participation creates an effective and positive safety culture, leading to a continued decrease in recordable injuries. The Purdue custodial team now serves as a commendable model of Purdue's guiding principles of safety.]