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The mission of the Indiana Department of Labor is to advance the safety, health and prosperity of Hoosiers in the workplace. In order to make significant strides in achieving our mission, we emphasize both enforcement and voluntary compliance for employers. Our office administers the IOSHA program, state wage and hour and youth employment laws, as well as underground coal mine safety. We also have many free training and educational resources available to the public through our INSafe Division. Finally, our Quality, Metrics & Statistics Division counts, measures and tracks trends internally and externally. Our goal is to help make Indiana a great place to work and to do business. Let us know how we can help you!

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Media Release: Hoosier Employers Who Hire Minors Face New Requirements

Indiana’s youth-employment law is now fully in effect. Effective July 1, 2021, Indiana has eliminated work permits* completely, and now requires all employers with five or more minor employees (under age 18) to begin using the Indiana Department of Labor’s Youth Employment System (YES) to track and report minor-employee information.

YES has been available since June 1, 2021 and thousands of employers have already set up their accounts and collectively registered tens of thousands of minor employees. Employers who fail to comply with the new law that goes could face penalties of up to $400 per infraction, per minor employee.

YES is simple and easy to use. Employers can access the app via their smart device, such as your smartphone or tablet, as well as their desktop or laptop. Once they’ve set up their employer profile, they can enter your minor data – name, age and hire date – within minutes.

The system will not impact the state’s work-hour requirement for minors, and all employers must still comply with the Teens Work Hour restrictions and Prohibited and Hazardous Occupation restrictions for minors.

For more information about the requirements and the YES registry, click here.