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Wilbur Wright Fish & Wildlife Area

Wilbur Wright FWA
Managed by J.E. Roush Lake Fish & Wildlife Area
Mailing Address:
517 N. Warren Road
Huntington, IN 46750
Location Address:
2239 N. State Road 103
New Castle, IN 47362
Office Hours: M-F, 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. ET
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  • Description


    Wilbur Wright Fish & Wildlife Area is 1,070 acres of river valleys and associated uplands. The Big Blue River is the western boundary and the dark, organic soil floodplain occupies approximately one third of the property. The remainder of the property is the adjacent uplands and the Little Blue River valley. The property has areas of mature woods, fallow cropland, prairie grasses and forbs, and other areas of early to mid-successional habitat. The property also has areas of annual and perennial wildlife food plots. There is a small wetland near the Big Blue River. There is an ADA accessible hunting area on the property (mix of upland and woodland).

    Wilbur Wright was surplus state lands transferred from the Indiana Department of Mental Health (New Castle State Hospital) to the Department of Natural Resources' Division of State Parks in 1972. The acreage was then transferred to the Division of Fish & Wildlife in 1974, when wildlife management began. Tree plantings were made and food plots planted throughout the property.

    Most revenues used in land acquisition, development, operation and maintenance of Wilbur Wright Fish & Wildlife Area are derived from the sales of hunting, fishing and trapping license licenses. Funds are also received from the federal Pittman-Robertson and Dingell-Johnson programs to aid fish and wildlife restoration. These funds are derived from taxes levied on sport hunting, shooting, and fishing equipment. Indiana hunters and fisherman are proud to provide this property for the enjoyment of all people.

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Activities



    • Fishing is available on the Big Blue and Little Blue Rivers that run through the property.
    • Big Blue is stocked with rainbow trout once a year, providing trout as well as carp and smallmouth bass fishing.
    • Only shoreline fishing is available at Wilbur Wright Fish & Wildlife Area.
    • A boat ramp is available at nearby Province Pond Wetland Conservation Area.
    • No check-in is required.


    Wildlife Watching

    • 1070 acres of upland, marsh, and wooded habitat areas attract over 200 species to the property.
    • Area is an excellent songbird viewing area all year round.

    Neighboring Land

    • Province Pond Wetland Conservation Area is a 210-acre public property managed by Wilbur Wright Fish & Wildlife Area with a concrete boat ramp, ideal for bass, bluegill and catfish. This area also offers upland game, woodland, and waterfowl hunting. This area has a self-service check-in station on site and has a mandatory check-in for hunting. No check-in is required for fishing.
    • Randolph County Wildlife Management Area is a 519-acre public property managed by Wilbur Wright Fish & Wildlife Area and offers upland, woodland and waterfowl hunting.
    • Modoc Wildlife Management Area is a 167-acre public property managed by Wilbur Wright Fish & Wildlife Area and offers upland and woodland hunting.
    • Dog training is not allowed on the above properties, only active pursuit of game.
    • Summit Lake State Park is a 2,550-acre park with a large lake, beach, boat ramps, and 125 class A campsites.

    Additional Opportunities

    • Wetland Trapping is available through drawing only. Call office for details.
    • A dog training area is provided.
    • Hunting areas accessible to persons with disabilities are available. Ask for details at the headquarters.
    • Berries, mushrooms and nuts may be gathered.

    Target Ranges

    • Target ranges are open to the public on a first-come first-serve basis. All shooters must obey range rules and regulations.
    • See shooting range page for details.

    NO Camping and NO Swimming Allowed.

    Please Read and Obey All Signs.

  • Rules


    In addition to state fish and wildlife laws, this property is governed by posted regulations affecting the public use of lands and facilities owned, leased, or licensed by the Department of Natural Resources. Pursuant to the Authority of Chapter 60, Acts of 1919, Chapter 120 and Chapter 353, Acts of 1945, Chapter 221, Acts of 1957, Chapter 406 and Chapter 441, Acts of 1965; and the Indiana Code of 1971, 14-3-3.

    Posted Areas

    Safety zones, refuges, waterfowl resting, and other restricted areas are marked with appropriate signs. PLEASE READ AND OBEY ALL SIGNS.


    Violation of any law, rule or regulation governing this property may be cause to forfeit your hunting, fishing, or visiting privileges on this area.


    The Division of Fish & Wildlife, Department of Natural Resources, will not be held responsible for any accidents or deaths occurring from the use of these facilities.


    In addition to a hunting and/or fishing license the following permits are required:

    • Hunters must sign in on a waiver at a sign in box or Wilbur Wright main office (covered porch area).
    • Dog training is allowed only on Wilbur Wright, not on any satellite properties.
    • Disabled folks wanting information about hunting should call Roush.
    • No check-in or written permission is required for fishing. There is a minimum size limit or 14-inches for largemouth bass in effect on all state-owned, operated, or leased waters.
    • Collecting permits are required from the property manager or DNR for the collection of anything except nuts, berries, and mushrooms.


    Traffic on public roads through the area is governed by state and county laws. Traffic over service roads and trails, except by authorized vehicles, is restricted to walking. Parking is allowed in designated parking areas only.


    All DNR properties managed by the Division of Fish & Wildlife, unless otherwise noted, have spring turkey hunting hours one-half hour before sunrise until noon (CT) or 1 p.m. (ET). Mushroom hunters are required to stay out of the field until after this time.  Contact the property you are planning to visit for more information.

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