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Fish & Wildlife Property Alerts

  • Atterbury FWA Alerts (2)
    • Mink Meadow Marsh and Coyote Marsh will be drained until further notice while structural improvement work is completed.
    • During waterfowl season, Beaver Bottom ADA pier opens for fishing at noon.
  • Crosley FWA Alerts (1)
    • The bridge crossing on River Road at the Muscatatuck River is closed for an indefinite period of time; however, you can still access the western side of the property (including the shooting range) by taking Highway 3 north to County Road 25W, keeping left onto County Road 115 South then turning back south on County Road 75W. For more information, contact Crosley Fish & Wildlife Area at 812-346-5596.
  • Kingsbury FWA Alerts (1)
    • A gate prevents access to Kingsbury FWA via the Hupp Road entrance. The gate limits traffic through the property to the industrial park and preserve the property’s quality for wildlife and visitors.
  • LaSalle FWA Alerts (1)
    • Badal Wetland Conservation Area (WCA) will now be known as LaSalle FWA-East Unit. The renaming will simplify the enforcement of regulations and hunting on the property. LaSalle FWA-East Unit hunting opportunities are included in LaSalle FWA's daily draws and follow all LaSalle FWA property regulations.
  • Willow Slough FWA Alerts (1)
    • J.C. Murphey Lake is undergoing a renovation to improve habitat and recreational opportunities. The renovation will run through 2024 and certain activities will not be available during this time. Additional information and updates will be provided on our J.C. Murphey Lake renovation page.

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