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Hunting Check Stations

Check stations are privately owned and operated with unique operating hours. Being a check station is voluntary, and check stations are added and removed throughout the year. Please contact the check station prior to arrival to make certain they are open and still checking game.

You can also check in your game online using with the CheckIN Game system.

River Otter

Besides reporting a trapped river otter through CheckIn Game within 24 hours, successful trappers must skin the otter and separate the pelt from the carcass before registering the pelt with a designated Indiana DNR employee or official Indiana DNR river otter check station. You must present the skinned river otter carcass, including the head, and pelt for physical registration and CITES tagging within 15 days after the month of harvest.

For physical registration of river otter, successful trappers should attempt to take their otter to an authorized check station. The current list can be found here.

Hunting and Trapping Information

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Check stations are not available in every county. Check in your game online (free) or call 1-800-419-1326 (a $3 fee applies) if you are unable to find one near you.

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