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Fire & Building Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

About the Code Enforcement Section

The Code Enforcement Section provides building and fire-safety related inspections, training and guidance throughout the State of Indiana. Code officials work with local building, fire and enforcement departments to provide continuous educational training, building and fire code interpretation and on-site inspection assistance.

In jurisdictions where there is not an approved building department, Code Enforcement inspects Class I structures for construction compliance. When a Construction Design Release is applied for through State Plan Review, Code Enforcement will conduct inspections during the construction process and provide a final inspection.

Agricultural buildings and residential structures (1 and 2 family dwellings) fall under the jurisdiction of the local government entity. If there is no local government entity, then the local county government may provide inspections. Designated via Home Rule in State Statute, residential dwellings fall to the responsibility of the local government entity if there is one. In the event there is no local, the residential issue becomes a private civil matter.

Apply for a Permit

Update: Permits and status requests for fireworks and amusement and entertainment are now accessed via the Public Safety Portal. In accordance with the state's goal to modernize and offer better customer service to Hoosiers, apply online and not by paper.

Please use the Public Safety Portal for permit applications and status requests relating to fireworks, amusement and entertainment and outdoor event equipment. If applying for amusement and entertainment permits, visit the Application for Amusement & Entertainment Permit page for instructions before using the Public Safety Portal.

Public Safety Portal

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