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Pavement Engineering

The Office of Pavement Engineering is responsible for the pavement design of new, reconstruction, rehabilitation, and preservation projects for INDOT’s roadways. Our responsibilities include the pavement design analysis, alternate pavement designs (HMA and concrete) and life-cycle pavement cost analysis for INDOT roadway projects. The Office of Pavement Design also reviews and approves pavement design analyses for federal-aid LPA projects on state routes or the National Highway System (NHS).

Pavement Design Prequalification

Consultants must be prequalified to complete a Pavement design.

Pavement ME Design Files for Version 2.6

Pavement analysis and design will be performed using AASHTOWare Pavement ME software.

Life-Cycle Pavement Cost Analysis (LCPCA)

An LCPCA is an economic analysis technique that considers initial and future agency, user, and other relevant costs over the life of the alternative, discounted to provide comparative costs.

Pavement Design Request Process

The pavement design request process includes gathering the pavement design input information, completing the request form, and submitting the completed packet to the Pavement Engineering Office.

  • Pavement Design Input Data Matrix

Pavement Design Request Uploads

All pavement design request should be uploaded to ERMS using the appropriate naming convention.

  • Request ERMS access via ITAP

Pavement Engineering Contacts

General Pavement Design and Prequalification

Exceptions to typical pavement sections and questions about prequalification should be sent to:

Kumar Dave

Pavement Engineering Manager
(317) 233-5279

Alternate Bid Pavement Quantities

All alternate bid pavement quantities should be sent to:

Pankaj Patel 

Pavement Engineer
(317) 232-5227

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