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Bridge Design Aids

Bridge Design Aids (BDA) are a means to share bridge design information with bridge construction and design professionals throughout the state in a timely fashion. BDAs are not policy. They include a variety of guidance such as answers to commonly asked questions, “good practice” tips, and other topics of interest.
Our hope is that this effort will reduce confusion regarding the Department’s preferences and lead to more uniform bridge plans throughout the state.

When BDA updates are published, notifications will be shared via the INDOT Design Consultants listserv. Subscribe here.

BDA NumberDateSubject
100-0512/20/2023Bridge Sample Plans - Rehabilitation

Rev. 12/13/2023
(Prev. 05/10/2023)

Bridge Design Review Checklists
404-0112/7/2022Continuous Deck Pour - Prestressed Beams
100-047/1/2022Reinforced Concrete Box Structures and Three-Sided Structures
100-01Rev. 02/14/2022
(Prev. 1/22/2018)
Bridge Sample Plans - Replacement
412-0409/08/2020Embedded Galvanic Anodes

Rev. 05/20/2020
(Prev. 01/13/2020)

Bridge Sample Plans - Thin Deck Overlay
412-0301/13/2020Polymeric Overlay Considerations
402-0104/17/2019Life Cycle Cost Analysis
406-021/23/2018Prestressed Beam DGNs (Not to be used on or after Dec. 21, 2021)
412-0212/7/2017Material Options for Rigid Bridge Deck Overlays
406-S12/7/2017Prestressed Software Pointers
407-S12/7/2017Steel Software Pointers
409-0110/5/2017Substructure Tips and Best Practices
412-0110/5/2017Patching Quantities for Polymeric Overlays
406-0110/5/2017Prestressed Beam Design Tips and Best Practices
410-011/10/2017Asymmetric Barrier Stability Check

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