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Well Head Protection Area Sign

Although Indiana's Wellhead Protection Program is administered by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the Department of Transportation must approve all signs posted on public Right of Way. Wellhead Protection signs must be of the size and design indicated below or they will not be allowed.

If this style sign is chosen it should be 42" by 32". All signs must be of aluminum, with blue letters on white background.

The lower sign for this configuration is optional, but if it is used, it should be 42" by 10". Information contained in this area may not include endorsement of any product or service.

If this style sign is chosen, it should be 18" by 24".

The optional contact information sign for this configuration should be 18" by 10".

All sign approvals go through the District in which the sign is to be posted. You will need to call the number below and request a Right of Way permit prior to posting your signs. You are encouraged to contact the permit coordinator before ordering your signs.

Note that INDOT employees will not produce, install or maintain signs for the Wellhead Protection Program. Water suppliers are responsible for their own signs. However, the permit coordinator must be notified prior to any roadside maintenance or installation of signs. This will help minimize traffic disruption and protect the safety of roadside workers. If you do not know which district covers your area, check the INDOT District map.







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