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Local Public Agency Programs

Community Crossings Matching Grant

2019 Community Crossings Call for Projects #2 

Call 2019 #2 will open July 1, 2019 at 8:00 AM EDT and close August 2, 2019 at 5:00 PM EDT.

2019-1 Awardees List

2019 Community Crossings Call for Projects #1

Community Crossings Call 2019 #1 will open January 7, 2019 at 8:00 AM EDT and close February 1, 2019 at 5:00 PM EDT.

2018 Awardees List

2018 Documents

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Local Trax Matching Grant

The Local Trax rail overpass program will provide grants to cities, towns and counties for grade separation, crossing closure and other safety enhancement projects at rail-highway intersections on local roads. Funding for this program is provided through changes in HEA 1002 effective July, 2017.

Local Trax presents a partnership with INDOT, local communities, businesses, industry and railroads to improve the quality of life for residents through large scale rail related transportation projects. INDOT is excited to offer another state-funded source to improve safety and mobility at rail-highway intersections.

2018 Awardees List

Local Trax Supporting Documents

New Items

  • INDOT is excited to announce the roll out of the LPA Certification Program.  This program provides an avenue for LPA’s to take more control of their federally funded projects that are not on the National Highway System.  Please take a look at the website linked below and review the program, application, and frequently asked questions document.  This program is optional, and offers an exciting opportunity for LPA’s to utilize any and all federal, state and locally recognized and accepted design standards for their projects.  ​
  • Asset Management for LPA Roadways

Program Information                    

Local public agencies face a variety of capital program improvement needs. These needs directly affect quality of life for residents and the ability of cities and towns to attract and retain businesses. INDOT works proactively to assist Local Public Agencies (LPA) in addressing capital needs.

INDOT shares gas tax revenue from the state Motor Vehicle Highway Fund (MVHF) and Local Road and Street Fund (LRSF) with LPAs. INDOT also makes available 25 percent of the federal funds apportioned to it under Congressional Highway Authorization Bills. The program that administers and oversees the use of these funds is called the INDOT Local Public Agency Program (LPA Program).

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) signs an agreement with each State Department of Transportation to allow states to oversee the responsibilities and execution of their Local Public Agency Program. INDOT’s LPA Program’s Guidance Document is the resource manual for INDOT’s LPA Program. It is the primary source of program information and guidelines that should be followed during an INDOT LPA project from cradle to grave. Revisions to the LPA Guidance Document can be found here

When INDOT agrees to facilitate a federal-aid project with an LPA, both parties sign the INDOT-LPA Contract. The LPA Local Projects Letting Prep Schedule 2017-2023 is the schedule LPAs use to track progress and meet required timelines during project development.

The INDOT LPA Program is a reimbursement program, meaning the LPA pays for project billings as they incur and then submits the LPA Invoice-Voucher for reimbursement of the federal funding percentage agreed upon for their project.    

New Bridge Aesthetic Policy

There has been a growing interest on the part of local agencies to create gateway features at the entrance to their communities. Bridges carrying overpassing roads to the community are often the desired location to include these features. While a gateway feature can bolster community identity and pride as well as enhance the aesthetic of the roadway corridor, INDOT must balance community requests with the obligation to maintain overall highway safety. 

INDOT now has a policy which is intended to provide a process for coordinating, reviewing, and approving requests for placing signs, lettering, logos, architectural surface treatments, street lights, and other aesthetic treatments (collectively “aesthetic features”) on bridges that cross State-owned roads and establishes criteria for evaluating proposed aesthetic features.  For more information, please review these links.

Important Notices  

Information that may significantly impact LPAs receiving federal-aid through INDOT will be posted here temporarily. All communications from the INDOT LPA Department are sent through a subscription service called GovDelivery. It is highly recommended that all LPAs read the instructions to subscribe.

Local Public Agency Consultant Information

The process for hiring a consultant for a federal-aid project must follow specific requirements set by the Federal Highway Administration. For more about this process and resources you will need, visit our Local Public Agency Program Consultant Information webpage. 

Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)  

When federal funding opportunities are available for Local Public Agencies through INDOT, they will be posted on the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) webpage.

To apply for, participate in, or work on a federal-aid project, your organization may need to meet certain training requirements. For more information about these requirements, upcoming training opportunities, other helpful tools and resources, visit our LPA Training, Tools & Resources webpage. 

Local Public Agency Title VI/ADA Compliance  

To remain an eligible sub-recipient for federal funding through INDOT, all LPAs must maintain their compliance with civil rights laws and nondiscrimination policies and procedures.

To ensure you are compliant with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans with Disabilities act requirements, please visit our resource page for subrecipients of federal funds. Here you will find our technical assistance tool, templates for all required program and policy documents, and links to register for upcoming training opportunities.

INDOT no longer requires a precertification survey be completed annually. Instead, your program documents should be updated once every year by submitting them to INDOT at accessforall@indot.in.gov. This same inbox may be used for questions related to Title VI and ADA compliance.

Local Public Agency Right-of-Way  

As of August 2014, the Right-of-Way review process is now conducted through INDOT’s Central Office. The following resources relate to the Right-of-Way phase of an LPA project. LPA Right-of-Way parcel forms or the updated MAP-21 Relocation information can be found in Buying Forms within the Real Estate Manuals.

Local Public Agency Request for Proposals

Listed below are Requests for Proposals (RFPs) regarding transportation or transportation infrastructure situations. Each RFP includes criteria and background needed.

RFPs do not constitute the commencement of any other type of procurement process for any project.

All materials submitted by respondents shall be subject to the Indiana Public Records Act, and any other laws and regulations applicable to the disclosure of documents submitted under the RFP.

Contact Information

Kathy L. Eaton-McKalip
LPA/MPO Grant Administrator
Indiana Department of Transportation
100 N. Senate Ave. IGCN 955
Indianapolis, IN 46204
317-234 -5142

Training Inquiries
Please email training inquiries to LPAQuestions@indot.in.gov or contact your LPA District Program Director.

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