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Rulemaking Docket

Newly Adopted Administrative Rules

The Administrative Rules under 250 IAC 2 were readopted this year, with a few amendments to the rules. These amendments are now in effect and were posted on the Indiana Register March 6, 2024.

Here is a summary of the amendments that were made; any questions may be directed at General Counsel Raquel Ramirez:

  • Amends 250 IAC 2-2-1 to clarify the evaluation of prior law enforcement training for waiver applicants. 250 IAC 2-4-1 was amended to increase the Tier I curriculum to a minimum of six hundred (600) hours. While this will not change the number of weeks for the Tier I training, it will affect out-of-state officers applying for a waiver. This rule now states that out-of-state officers who receive basic training after March 6, 2024, may only seek a waiver to Indiana if the out-of-state academy had a minimum of 600 hours.
  • Amends 250 IAC 2-2-3 to clarify that an officer may regain law enforcement authority upon successful completion of basic training. This is consistent with the language of IC 5-2-1-9; that an officer who fails to complete the academy within the first year loses law enforcement authority but regains it upon successful completion.
  • Amends 250 IAC 2-2-4 to clarify that an officer who fails to successfully complete the basic training course may complete a future basic training course and regain the officer's law enforcement authority. If a recruit fails the third attempt on an examination, they may return and complete a full academy in the future.
  • Amends 250 IAC 2-4-1 to increase the minimum hours for the basic training program curriculum (Tier I) and to clarify the agencies approved to participate in the Tier II basic training program based upon the agencies’ training statute and Training Board approval.
  • Amends 250 IAC 2-7-1 to increase mandatory annual defensive tactics training hours from two (2) to four (4) hours per year and add an active participation requirement.
  • Amends 250 IAC 2-8-3 to advance the submission date of the annual training status report to January 31 each year, rather than up to March 31, beginning in 2025.
  • Links: LSA 23-731 /  LSA 23-732