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Annual Reporting

Use this link to access the Acadis Portal for all your annual reporting needs :

Reporting Annual Training is in decimal format.  Please refer to the chart on training time on how to enter it in.  Example:  If you watch a 13 minute video you would enter it as 0.22.  Please be sure to use 0. (zero then the decimal point) before adding the rest of your number.
CLICK HERE for Time Conversion Chart.

New Annual Training Requirements For Reserves

Introducing the ‘new’ annual training requirements for Reserves law enforcement departments. The following information outlines the method to report compliance with Reserve training requirements, and offers record keeping tips to maximize accuracy and minimize confusion regarding reporting of training for all officers. CLICK HERE.

On-line Registration and In-service Reporting

On-line Registration Instructions

On-line In-service Reporting Instructions - Revis. 2/11

Mandated In-Service Training

CLICK HERE for an updated list of all Mandated In-Service Training