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Historical Overview

The first basic law enforcement training course was conducted in the summer of 1969 at Indiana Central College, now the University of Indianapolis. In December of 1969, the Academy moved to the Indiana University campus at Bloomington, and remained there until January 1, 1975. On January 6, 1975 training began in the new facility at Plainfield.


In the 1980's the academy built a defensive driving course and a firearms range, resulting in two of the top training facilities of that kind in the nation.  The Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) includes over a mile of roadway and a large (500' x 700') skill pad, plus two large buildings. One of the buildings contains a classroom, conference area, office space and a maintenance garage. The other building is used for vehicle storage. Major renovations are planned for the course which will include a city grid, gravel roads and, we hope, an interstate on-and-off ramp.

The Academy leadership has encouraged logical overhauls in curricula, programs and structural renovations as well as adding state-of-the-art programs such as comprehensive domestic violence/sexual assault interdiction training, distance learning, and Basic Course Trainers to assist with the training of new recruits.

RangeThe renovated outdoor firearms range consists of a pistol and a utility range that can be used for shotgun and tactical firearms training. The outdoor range also provides an area for high-powered weapons training and a special area for training scenarios using f/x cartridges. Aside from the outdoor range, the Academy has an indoor range which is utilized by many local, state and federal agencies for low-light firearms training.


Our Tactical Engagement Center provides tactical teams with a modern state-of-the-art training facility for "live fire" training.

Dive Pond

A five acre dive training pond on the Academy's grounds facilitates underwater search and rescue training.

Fitness TTrail

A fully equipped fitness center and an outdoor fitness trail is utilized during physical training of basic recruits, as well as by staff, visiting instructors, and inservice students.

Law enforcement training has experienced many changes over the Academy's 30+ year history. We have expanded from basic training of new recruits to instructor, advanced, and chief of police training. A myriad of law enforcement organizations--municipal, county, state and federal--utilize our facility to train others as well as themselves.

The Law Enforcement Training Board, the Executive Director, and the Staff of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy are looking into the future with genuine enthusiasm. Indiana law enforcement officers are, and will continue to be, an asset to their jurisdictions because of highly reputable and quality training provided at the Academy. We are "For All the People".