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Welcome to the ILEA

Indiana Law Enforcement Academy
5402 South County Road 700 East
Plainfield, Indiana 46168-0313
Phone: 317-839-5191
Fax: 317-839-9741
Click here for map and directions to ILEA.

Newly Adopted Administrative Rules

Links: Summary of Amendments /  LSA 23-731 /  LSA 23-732

Statewide Deadly Force Program - ADOPTED by the LETB

As directed by the Indiana Legislature in IC 5-2-1-1 and IC 5-2-9-1, the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board recently passed a statewide policy on deadly force. The policy is intended to establish uniform standards across the State of Indiana to ensure the public safety and general welfare of Hoosiers and to promote equity for all segments of society. Attached please find the policy and a lesson plan with accompanying PowerPoint presentation to assist in training officers under your command.

Links: LETB Statewide Use of Deadly Force Policy /  Use of Deadly Force Lesson Plan /  Use of Deadly Force Training PowerPoint

This policy may not be added to, modified, or altered in any way by any Indiana law enforcement agency, office, or department.  You are encouraged to share the documents with your executive staff, training officers and officers/deputies/deputy marshals.  The policy goes into effect July 1, 2024.

If you have questions regarding the PowerPoint or lesson plan, please feel free to contact General Counsel Raquel Ramirez at or Director Timothy Horty

Further, the LETB adopted a Uniform Statewide Defensive Tactics Training Policy and statewide training program for basic training and annual in-service training for Indiana law enforcement officers. This information has been distributed statewide to defensive tactics instructors and training coordinators.

Click this link for the Defensive Tactics Training Program Active Participation Waiver and other DT Training Program FAQ’s.

Important Updates on Tier II Classes

Beginning immediately, Tier II registration is now through a form found on the Acadis Portal.  Recent Tier II classes have filled quickly, and the new system will permit the Registrar’s Office to enroll students to better accommodate officers based on sworn or appointment dates.  To register an officer for Tier II, the OIC should log on to the Acadis Portal and go to the Academy Resource tab.  Make sure to use the Tier II Registration form and enter all required information. Registration can be made at any time as there will no longer be a registration date/time for Tier II. The Registrar’s Office will make notification of acceptance into a specific class.

Tier II enrollment is prioritized by person, not by agency.  Due to the number of officers needing Tier II training, ILEA does not permit holding a spot for an unknown officer or switching officers on the list.  Substitutions may only be made with authorization of the Executive Director.

Please note, beginning January 2024, Tier II is expanding to 10-weeks in residence in Plainfield in addition to the on-line learning. The LETB approved an 80-hour increase in the Tier II curriculum, resulting in an additional two (2) weeks at ILEA, for a total of 10 weeks staying at the academy.  This is still less than the Tier I curriculum and Tier II graduates accepting any Tier I positions must complete the entire Tier I course.

Important Information Concerning Tier I Registration

Due to the large number of requests to attend Tier I in Plainfield and the recent enrollment for class 2023-231 which filled up quickly, the ILEA is moving to a new registration method for Tier I training.

ILEA will begin using a new Tier I Class Registration Form found under the Academy Resource tab on the Acadis Portal.  When the Registrar’s Office begins enrollment for a Tier I class, priority will be given based on the sworn or appointment date (the date the one-year period begins to complete Basic training).  Enrollment will continue down the list for those waiting the longest until class capacity is reached.  Notification of acceptance to a Tier I class will be made approximately four (4) months prior to the start of the session.  This should allow those officers who have been waiting to attend Tier I longest to enroll before those recently sworn or appointed.

Please note, the list is prioritized by person, not by agency.  Due to the number of officers needing Tier I and to ensure fairness in accessing training, we cannot allow holding a spot for an unknown officer or switching officers on the list.  Substitutions on the list can only be made by authorization of the Executive Director.

We hope this helps resolve some of the issues brought to our attention when attempting to enroll students in Tier I training.  Thank you for assisting us.

A Message From the Executive Director

The Indiana Law Enforcement Academy is beginning the largest capital project since the facility opened in 1975.
The project includes a new dormitory, emergency vehicle driving track, scenario village and other updates.
This attached flyer outlines details. Please click on the link below, go to "bidding now", look for "ILEA expansion project".

Kind regards,

Timothy Horty
Executive Director
Indiana Law Enforcement Academy

Dates for Upcoming Tier I & II Classes:

Tier I Classes:

Tier I Basic Course 2024-234 - Entry Assessment August 19, 2024
Class dates: August 26, 2024 - December 13, 2024

Tier II Classes:
Tier II Basic Course 2024-32
Online Material Available: June 24, 2024
Class dates: July 15, 2024 - September 20, 2024

Tier II Basic Course 2024-33
Online Material Available: September 23, 2024
Class dates: October 14, 2024 - December 20, 2024

A forward focused academy dedicated to the development of law enforcement professionals.

As Indiana’s center for law enforcement education, the academy sets and maintains the standard for law enforcement education in the state. We prepare law enforcement personnel for service through continuous and innovative training guided by clear values and respect .

· Professionalism - Perform your job with competence and a commitment to excellence.
· Accountability - Take responsibility for your work and actions by living up to the highest possible standard.
· Inclusion - Continuously recognizing the value of everyone’s contribution to our mission.
· Respect - All are treated with dignity, fairness and a sense of purpose.

Newly Offered Classes