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Internship Program

Internship Overview

Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) recognizes that developing and maintaining a health workforce appropriate in skills and numbers is critical for the agency to accomplish its mission: To promote and provide essential public health services.  Considering the agency’s scope of responsibilities, statewide facilities, public health and behavioral health expertise, range of partnerships with academic and other organizations, and commitment of executive leadership, ISDH is especially well-suited to host students looking for practice or research experiences to meet their academic (internship or practicum) requirements.

ISDH Internship Program

Students interested in completing this elective should contact OPHPM@isdh.in.gov for more information on availability of open months to secure their practicum.

Most internship opportunities at ISDH are geared for graduate students, although depending on the need and student interest, undergraduate students are also welcome to apply. To view available internships go to: Internship Opportunities.

During the internship, students will have the opportunity to conduct goal-oriented, semester-long policy, program, and/or research projects for their academic requirements in a practice setting, as well as contribute to ISDH’s mission.  Interns are supervised by public health and behavioral scientists and practitioners. In addition to gaining program, policy and/or research experience, interns who complete an IU School of Medicine practicum with ISDH will gain communication skills by preparing both written and oral presentations about their completed projects.

Interns are selected via a competitive process without regard to race, color, religion, or gender. Completed applications will be reviewed, and students will be interviewed in person or by telephone. Interns must provide their own housing, and transportation to the internship site.

Student performance is evaluated based on academic requirements and expected internship outcomes.  Evaluation is discussed upon acceptance to the internship.

Program Objectives

The ISDH Public Health Practicum/Internship program supports the agency’s strategic goals as well as the professional goals, interests and abilities of participating students.

The goals of the ISDH Public Health Practicum / Internship program are to:

  • Develop and train the next generation of highly qualified public health professionals;
  • Strengthen partnerships with colleges, universities, and public health associations.

Major Program Outcomes

  • An increased public health capacity to deliver services and better health outcomes in the future.
  • Introduction of future public health professionals to the mission, programs and leadership of ISDH.

Benefits for Students

  • Apply classroom learning and gain hands-on experience in a public health work environment.
  • Build valuable networking connections with state public health professional leaders.
  • Explore and “test drive” a career choice within public health.
  • Gain exposure to program analyses and methodologies.
  • Develop core public health competencies and marketable job skills.