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Block grant programs

Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment block grant

The SAPT Block Grant, administered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, is the largest federal formula grant to state alcohol and drug authorities and supports substance use disorder prevention, treatment and recovery services. Federal statute requires states to direct at least 20% of the SAPT block grant toward primary prevention services; this prevention set-aside is the largest source of funding for each state’s prevention system.

Primary prevention services can include:

  • Public education campaigns
  • School-based curriculum, mentoring and parenting classes
  • Alternative activities that exclude substance use, such as sports and community drop-in centers
  • Screening and referral services
  • Community needs assessments and trainings
  • Strategies for changing community standards, codes and attitudes toward substance use

Current substance abuse prevention funded initiatives

Community block grant programs

DMHA awards SAPT block grant prevention funds to organizations and coalitions which provide comprehensive, evidence-based primary prevention programs, in accordance with the Strategic Prevention Framework, to children, youth and adults in the local community.

Colleges and universities

Young adults, 18 to 25 years old, are often in a transition period in their lives. It can be a difficult time, trying to adjust to adulthood, new living situations and often college, while still trying to understand themselves. In 2017, DMHA prevention began funding colleges and universities to more closely examine their student population. Funded universities utilized the Strategic Prevention Framework to conduct a year-long assessment of student needs and develop a plan to address the mental health and substance misuse of their students.

Currently funded colleges and universities