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Indiana Fishing Reports

Division of Fish & Wildlife staff collect reports as time permits. Only those water bodies with a current report are included.

Lake Michigan (boat)Lake trout are being caught near the Port of Indiana, Michigan City breakwall, Gary Light, and East Chicago breakwalls and shoals. Use blade baits, jigging spoons, and plastics that imitate fish jigged near the bottom. Or if trolling, dodgers or spin doctors with spin-and-glow/fly combinations are a great option. Some perch have been caught in Cal Park and in deep clay flats off Gary, although anglers reporting success were a bit cagey about exact location. All Lake Michigan buoys are removed from the lake for the season, and won't be back until late spring.11/29/2023
Lake Michigan (shore)A few lake trout are still being caught with blade baits and spoons, but the action has slowed down. Whitefish have been caught on skein and single eggs on the bottom. Similar tactics should work at all shore fishing locations over the next few weeks. A few steelhead are around as well but not many have been caught11/29/2023
Lake Michigan Tributaries (Trail Creek, Little Calumet River, Salt Creek)Fishing continues to be fairly slow. Some of the better fishing recently has been below the confluence of Salt Creek and Little Calumet, since the industrial discharge keeps the water a bit warmer and fish more active. The winter-run steelhead return will likely be lower this year to to a gap year in stocking them in 2020 due to the covid lockdowns preventing winter-run egg take in March 2020. A few fresh steelhead have been caught but with the recent cold weather and low flows, not many have showed up. With cold and fairly clear water, downsize your baits, such as jig/waxworm, beads, or small spawn sacs. The Trail Creek broodstock collection is complete and the lamprey barrier is in free passage for the rest of the year. For links to stream flow, see the links below the report tables11/29/2023
St. Joseph River (below Twin Branch Dam)As of Nov 28, the fall run through South Bend has been about 1,650 steelhead, 230 kings, and  1350 coho. Very few steelhead have been swimming upriver in November, due to low flows, recent cold temps, and fewer fish as a result of missed 2020 yearclass of winter run steelhead stocking due to canceled 2020 egg take. Despite those factors, anglers have been catching a few steelhead on deep diving cranks/plugs, jigs/waxies, and spawn, both bottom bouncing and under floats. Monitor the river temp and flow at the closest USGS gauge in Niles, MI using the links below the report table11/28/2023
Patoka LakeIn the fall at Patoka there is a window when the wipers (hybrid striped bass) move up to the main lake points in shallow water often at 5-10 feet deep and even less than 5 ft of water at times. The fall bite is on right now. Water temp is 57 F. Any type of stick, jerk, crank, or swimbait are good lures to use for targeting them. DNR fisheries staff conducted an electrofishing survey this week and collected a considerable number of 20 plus inch wipers in 5 or less feet of water all around main lake points and the causeways along rock. Anglers can have success targeting those areas either from shore or a boat.11/17/2023
Summit LakeAnglers are currently reporting they are catching: Bluegill: up to 10 inches and Catfish: up to 40 inches. Please contact the property for lake levels: (765)766-5873. Fishing licenses are available for purchase at the Property Office.  Property Office hours are 8:30-4:00 p.m. daily. Summit Lake State Park is located in Henry County, Indiana. 10/23/2023
JC Murphey (Willow Slough)The renovation of J.C. Murphey is in full swing with the lake dewatered. Many fish were moved to waterfowl units for restocking in late 2023/2024. For more information on the renovation see the links below the report tables10/6/2023

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