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Indiana Fishing Reports

Division of Fish & Wildlife staff collect reports as time permits. Only those water bodies with a current report are included.

JC Murphey (Willow Slough)The renovation of J.C. Murphey is in full swing with the lake dewatered. Many fish were moved to waterfowl units for restocking next year. More information on the renovation.9/22/2022
St. Joseph River (below Twin Branch Dam)Smallmouth bass, rock bass, catfish, and walleye have been biting on a variety of lures. Water temps have been in the low-70s. Some good numbers of coho (312) and steelhead (196) have showed up in South Bend, but the water is a bit too warm for them to aggressively bite. When the water temps dip below 68 the action should pick up bigtime. Upcoming cool weather will really help out. Monitor the river temp at the closest USGS gauge in Niles, MI.9/22/2022
Greene-Sullivan State ForestLake levels are normal for this time of year. Recent rains have kept them from dropping to low levels. During the day fish seem to moving into deeper water but fishing early and late in the day can be productive. Good baits for bass this time of the year include topwater and rubber worms. Bluegill are being caught in 2-10 ft with redworms, crickets. Catfish are being caught on night crawlers and stink baits. 8/8/2022
Griffy LakeWater levels are normal, Surface temp is low to mid 80s. Dissolved oxygen cuts out around 15 feet. A new walk way was opened this summer and shoreline fishing is available the entire length of the causeway on the big lake side of the road. 8/8/2022
Monroe LakeSurface temperature is in the low to mid 80s. Lake level is at summer pool. Dissolved oxygen cuts out around 15 feet. Look for hybrid stripers near the dam or mid-lake by bait8/8/2022
St. Joseph River (above Twin Branch Dam)Walleye, catfish, bluegill are all good bites right now. Bottom bouncing live bait or trilling spinners will catch a bit of everything. Topwater, crankbaits, and plastics are all good for bass, which are biting readily right now. As the weather cools off, fish will put on the fall feedbag. Spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jerkbaits, and soft plastics will put bass, pike, and walleye in the boat9/19/2022
Potato Creek State Park (Worster Lake)Largemouth Bass: Fishermen are still finding some bass on their trips. Mostly 1 to 3+ pound range. Early and Late try topwater. Creature baits are working well also. Chatterbaits have picked up a few.
Wipers: (Hybrid Striped Bass) Not so many reported lately. Did see one caught by a bank fisherman who was trying for catfish. Nice fish near nine pounds!
Bluegill and Crappie: Not many reporting on these this week. Some were caught but pressure was low. I would still think deep and use small baits.
Channel Catfish and Bullheads: Catfish numbers were lower this week but bullheads are biting well from shore as well as boats.
Shakamak State Park lakesWater temperature was close to 84 at the end of July. Panfish are in a summer pattern seeking deep water in the heat of the day and moving in shallow to feed in the early morning and late evenings. Use weedless lures and topwater baits for bass this time of year to work the weedy shoreline cover. Channel catfish are stocked at Shakamak Lake, but also can be found in Kickapoo Lake.8/8/2022
Dogwood Lake Glendale FWAWater temp is 88 F. They are catching Bluegill & Redear in deeper water using worms and bee moth. Try slip bobber rigs in 12 to 15 feet of water.  They have also been catching Bass and Crappie. No shortage of aquatic vegetation at Dogwood Lake try weedless topwater baits and Carolina rigged worms8/9/2022
Summit LakeAnglers are currently reporting that they are catching: Bluegill: multiple sizes, Crappie: multiple sizes, Carp: multiple sizes, Perch: up to 12 inches, and Largemouth Bass: 2-6 lbs. Please contact the property for lake levels (765) 766-5873. Fishing licenses are available for purchase at the Property Office. Property Office hours are 8:30-4:00 p.m. daily. Summit Lake State Park is located in Henry County, Indiana.8/18/2022
Lake Michigan (boat)Most of the staging salmon have gone up the creeks by now, and the big waves have kept people from fishing recently. Offshore lake trout and immature salmon are available out in 90+ feet.  As the water cools down the lake trout will move in close to shore, in mid-late October. The buoys are deployed on the south end and you can view live wind/wave/water temp using Seagull or Uglos.9/22/2022
Lake Michigan (shore)Harbor temps have been fairly warm but a few fish continued to be caught by dedicated anglers putting in time after dark and before sunrise. Glow spoons, skein, deep diving cranks, and oslo spinners are good baits to try. Low and slow is the ticket. This time of year it's about putting the time in rather than waiting to hear of a hot bite - if you wait until you hear about it, chances are you missed it!9/22/2022
Lake Michigan Tributaries (Trail Creek, Little Calumet River, Salt Creek)The salmon run is in full swing, with lots of kings and a few cohos reported in Trail Creek, and a modest amount of coho, steelhead, and kings in Little Cal/Salt. Fishing pressure has been high on Trail Creek and less on the other tribs. Skein under bobbers, aggressive plugs worked slowly through holes, and spinners have all been good for kings. Trail Creek flow. Little Calumet River.9/22/2022

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