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Welcome to the home page for the Indiana Department of Health (IDOH) Division of Radiology and Weights & Measures. The division provides guidance and assistance to Indiana citizens and health care providers regarding radiation safety and protection. The division is responsible for the licensing and registration of medical radiology professionals and medical radiation sources in the State of Indiana. The division provides the following services:

  • Licensing of radiology professionals, which include radiologic technologists, limited radiographers, nuclear medicine technologists, and radiation therapists
  • Radiation machine registration and compliance


To apply for a license for the first time in Indiana:

Starting September 1, 2022, first-time applicants for Radiologic Technologist, Radiation Therapist, and Nuclear Medicine Technologist licenses may now apply online by going to Login or create your login credentials using the “Register for an Access Indiana Account” option.  Select “Radiology”, the license type, and application.  Or mail the completed Application for Radiology License and payment to the address on the form.

First-time applicants for Cardiac Catheterization Radiographer, Chest Radiographer, Chiropractic Radiographer, Dental Radiographer, and Podiatric Radiographer licenses would mail the completed Application for Radiology License and payment to the address on the form.

To renew a license, we encourage everyone to renew their license online.

These are tips to renew a license and update contact information:

  • You can renew your license and update your contact information at this direct link:
  • Go to Personal Licensing and select “Login to Personal Licensing with Access Indiana”.
  • Select “Register for an Access Indiana account”.
  • There is a link for “Get help creating your account”, too.

If you are not able to renew your license online, you may send your renewal form and payment to this address:

Indiana Department of Health
Attn: Medical Radiology Services
2 North Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204

To verify an active license or permit, please go to “Search & Verify” at this link:

Radiology Licensing Information

Application for Radiology License (Not License Renewal)
Effective August 1, 2018, please note new mailing address.

Application for Student Permit and Provisional Permit

Application for Proficiency Certification for Limited Radiographer

Renew or Verify a License or Registration

  • All licensed individuals (Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy and Radiologic Technologists) may renew their licenses online through the License Express online licensing system.
  • Online renewal is now available for individuals that hold radiology licenses in multiple categories (e.g. Nuclear Medicine and Radiologic Technology). Please contact our office at if you have two licenses to renew. After our division waives the renewal fee for one license, you may renew both licenses online.

Address Change: If you have moved, please update your address. This will ensure that your license renewal reminder and license are delivered to you in a timely manner. You can change your address with either of the following options:

For e-mail, fax and US Mail options, please include the following information: Name, old address, new address, license number, last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, and date of birth. There is no fee for address changes.

Name Change: If you need to change your name on your license, please send proof of your name change (copy of marriage license, specific pages of divorce decree, legal name change document) to the division at with your old name, new name, license number, last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, and date of birth. Your name will be changed in the database. You will receive a new license after you renew your license.  Also, you may verify that you have a license in your current name by going to “Search & Verify” at this link:

If you would like to receive a new license soon with your current name on it, there is a $20 fee. Please ask for a Name Change Form. The form will be sent to you via email. You may complete the form and mail it with a check or money order for $20 to the address on the form.

For radiology permit or license questions, please contact the Radiology Licensing Coordinator, Michele Starkey, at

Approved Radiology Programs

IDOH-approved radiography educational programs by category.

Radiologic Technology (Radiography)

Nuclear Medicine

Radiation Therapy

Application for Approval of Radiology Program

Approval of Educational Programs Advisory Letter

Physicist and Inspector Information

(PDF | Word) Radiation Machine Registration Application

Radiation Machine Inspection Requirements

Radioactive Materials

Effective July 1, 2015, the Radioactive Material Registration program will be administered by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. The registration form and general information can be viewed on the Radioactive Materials Registration page.

Survey Forms

Approved Physicists/Inspectors

Physicist/Inspector Application

Physicist/Inspector Requirements

Program Information and Policies

Approval Process for Student and Provisional Radiography Permits

Approval Process for Nuclear Medicine Technologists and Radiation Therapists

Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Radiation Therapist  “Grandfathering” Procedure

Approval Process for Provisional Permit and License for Limited Podiatric Radiographers

Cardiac Catheterization Radiography Certification

Dental Radiography Licensing Process

Scope of Practice for Limited Chiropractic Radiography

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Personnel Monitoring Services

Board Form X

Reporting a Complaint

To file a complaint about an individual that is operating a radiation producing machine or a medical practitioner regarding their employment of a radiographer or the use of their radiation producing machine(s) mail it to:

Indiana Department of Health
Medical Radiology Services
2 North Meridian Street, 4th Floor Selig
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Email the complaint to

Contact the Division

Indiana Department of Health
Division of Radiology and Weights & Measures
2 North Meridian Street, 4 Selig
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Division Director
Dave Nauth
IDOH Main Switchboard: 317-233-1325


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