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On September 8, 2022, Senate Enrolled Act 1 – 2022 (special session) (“SEA 1”) became law and made changes to Indiana’s abortion laws. The implementation of SEA 1 was halted by the Indiana courts on September 22, 2022. Subsequently, the Indiana Supreme Court decided that SEA 1 can go into effect. Based on court rules, SEA 1 became effective upon certification on August 21, 2023.

SEA 1 eliminates the state licensure of abortion clinics and requires all abortion procedures (surgical and medication-induced) to be performed in a licensed hospital or licensed outpatient ambulatory surgical center whose majority ownership is held by an Indiana hospital. Therefore, all abortion clinic licenses issued by the Indiana Department of Health have been rendered void and abortion clinics are no longer permitted to provide abortions under any circumstances.

See the full regulatory guidance here: Guidance Regarding the Regulatory Implementation of Senate Enrolled Act 1 –  2022 (ss) – Updated August 22, 2023

Terminated Pregnancy Report Submission Guidance – Updated August 22, 2023

Patient Informed Consent Disclosure Guidance – August 2022

As a result of a recent 7th Circuit Court of Appeals decision, an injunction preventing the enforcement of certain provisions of Senate Enrolled Act 340 (2018) and House Enrolled Act 1211 (2019), was lifted on October 28, 2021, and these provisions are now enforceable. This law sets forth the requirements in Indiana for licensed physicians and hospitals to report certain abortion complications to the state.

Guidance for Implementation of Fetal Disposition Requirements from House Enrolled Act (HEA) 1337
As a result of a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, an injunction preventing the enforcement of certain provisions of HEA 1337 (2016) was lifted September 3, 2019, and these provisions are now enforceable. This law updated the requirements for the disposition of miscarried remains/aborted remains (“fetal remains”) in Indiana.

Report a Complaint to the Department

Report a complaint regarding a health care facility
Individuals can call or email to make complaints about care provided at any licensed or certified Indiana health care provider or supplier.

Abortion Informed Consent Brochure

The IDOH was required by Indiana statute to develop an informed consent brochure and to post it on the department’s web site (IC 16-34-2-1.5). An abortion provider is required to provide a pregnant woman with a color copy of the brochure (IC 16-34-2-1.1(a)(4)). The IDOH Abortion Informed Consent Brochure is the statutorily required brochure.

The printer/copier version may be used to print the brochure from a desktop printer or standard copier. The pages will print individually in numerical order.


Abortion Complications Reporting Download Form: 56522 (Fillable PDF)Download Form 56522 (Fillable Word)
Abortion Disposition Log Download Form: 56981 (Non-Fillable PDF) 
Abortion Informed Consent Download Form: 55320 (Fillable PDF)Download Form: 55320 (Non-Fillable Word)
Certificación de Consentimiento Informado para la Práctica Clínica de un Aborto Download Form: 56159 (Fillable PDF)Download Form: 56159 (Non-Fillable Word)
Available Counseling after an Abortion Download Form: 56115 (Fillable PDF)Download Form: 56115 (Non-Fillable Word)
Orientación Disponible Después de un Aborto Download Form: 56158 (Fillable PDF)Download Form: 56158 (Non-Fillable Word)
Certificate of Provision of Perinatal Hospice Information (Time of Abortion Consent Decision) Download Form: 56108 (Fillable PDF)Download Form: 56108 (Non-Fillable Word)
Certificación de Suministro de Información de Hospicio Perinatal (Decisión de Consentimiento de Tiempo del Aborto) Download Form: 56155 (Fillable PDF)Download Form: 56155 (Non-Fillable Word)
Certification of Provision of Perinatal Hospice Information (Time of Diagnosis of a Lethal Fetal Anomaly) Download Form: 56113 (Fillable PDF)Download Form: 56113 (Non-Fillable Word)
Certificación de Suministro de Información de Hospicio Perinatal (Al Momento del Diagnóstico de una Anomalía Fetal Letal) Download Form: 56156 (Fillable PDF)Download Form: 56156 (Non-Fillable Word)
Disposition of Aborted Fetus Certification Download Form: 56114 (Fillable PDF)Download Form: 56114 (Non-Fillable Word)
Certificación de Eliminación del Feto Abortado Download Form: 56157 (Fillable PDF)Download Form: 56157 (Non-Fillable Word)
Fetal Ultrasound and Heart Tone Certification Download Form: 55321 (Fillable PDF)Download Form: 55321 (Non-Fillable Word)
Certificación de Ultrasonido y Frecuencia Cardiaca Fetal Download Form: 55404 (Fillable PDF)Download Form: 55404 (Non-Fillable Word)
Application for License to Operate an Abortion Clinic Download Form: 52233 (Fillable PDF)


Indiana Department of Health
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State Laws and Rules

Indiana Code (IC) 16-18-2: State Department of Health Definitions

Indiana Code (IC) 16-34: Abortions

Indiana Code (IC) 16-34-1-9: Indiana Abortion Public Policy

Indiana Code (IC) 31-14-11: Support following determination of paternity

Indiana Code (IC) 31-14-17-1: Expenses of mother's pregnancy & childbirth

Perinatal Hospice and Palliative Care

The Department Perinatal Hospice and Palliative Care Information Center is intended to provide information about perinatal hospice and palliative care. Hospice and palliative care services provide medical, nursing, spiritual, emotional, social, and bereavement care to families experiencing consequences of a perinatal loss.

Perinatal Hospice Information Center


Medical Errors Reports

Terminated Pregnancy and Abortion Complications

Adoption, Women’s Health, and Assistance