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Patients may be referred by Community Mental Health Centers and other managed care gatekeeper agencies from all over Indiana, based on the service needed. The Community Mental Health Centers and Community Service Providers interface with the hospital to provide a continuum of services. Referrals to the Isaac Ray Treatment Center (male forensic patients) come through the Office of General Counsel for the Division of Mental Health and Addiction and the Department of Correction. The types of commitments received by Logansport State Hospital (LSH) are temporary commitment, regular commitment, insufficient comprehension to stand trial, and guilty but mentally ill.

Criteria for admission is established by the Logansport State Hospital and authorized by the Division of Mental Health and Addiction. LSH accepts adult psychiatric patients who are in chronic state of mental disorder showing the following characteristics:

  • aggressive behavior
  • active psychosis
  • acute depression
  • difficult to treat
  • severe and persistently mentally ill, or
  • other behavior requiring closely supervised treatment and services for a period of time longer than brief hospitalization (7-15 days)