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Patient Rights

As an adult receiving treatment in a mental health facility, you have rights. The following is only a partial list of rights taken from an Indiana Protection and Advocacy Services publication. To learn more about your rights visit the Indiana Protection and Advocacy Services web site.

You have a Legal right to:

Appropriate mental health services and/or developmental training in accordance with standards of professional practice, appropriate to your needs and designed to afford you a reasonable opportunity to improve your condition.

Participate in the planning of an individualized written treatment plan and be informed of the nature of the treatment or habilitation program proposed, the known effects of receiving and not receiving such treatment, and alternative treatments of habilitation programs, if any.

Refuse to submit to treatment, including medication, or habilitation programs if you are an adult voluntary patient.

Petition the committing court for consideration of the treatment program if you are an involuntary patient.

Be treated with consideration, dignity and respect, free from mental, verbal and physical abuse, neglect