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Interested in opening a supervised group living facility

In order to open a supervised group living facility, you need to be certified by the Division of Mental Health and Addiction as a residential care provider or an addiction treatment services provider, or regular certification.

The steps to open a facility are as follows:

  1. The work with all of these agencies below can be done in tandem.
    • Department of Homeland Security handles facility plan review and fire code review. Visit the plan review site to file a construction design review. Should you have any questions along the way, email or call 317-232-6422.
    • Zoning - Local zoning includes city or county authorities; all zoning inquiries and submissions are handled by the provider. DMHA needs documentation from the local authority to confirm your facility is properly zoned to operate. (If your facility is in Marion County, please submit the affidavit of application to the Indianapolis Department of Business & Neighborhood Services. They will send approval to you and to us.)
    • Indiana State Department of Health - Is your facility on a septic system?If so, please visit for more information. Should you have any questions, please contact Marc Hancock or call 317-233-7186.
    • Division of Mental Health and Addiction handles the certification of your supervised group living facility. Begin the process by visiting the provider certification and Licensure page to complete the application process. Should you have questions about the certification process, please email or by calling 317-232-7800.
  2. Once your CDR has been approved and you have all of the furnishings and staff in the building, DMHA can trigger an “occupancy inspection” to DHS.
  3. You cannot have residents in your facility until you have no violations on the occupancy inspection, ISDH has issued their letter of approval, DMHA has received the appropriate zoning paperwork, and you have received your DMHA Supervised Group Living certificate.