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Search and View Boiler and Pressure Vessel Records



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This page has been set up so you can view all activity in Boilers and Pressure Vessels by location of the Boiler. If you know the exact city,county,zip or state number you can enter those parameters to search. If you need to search by Address enter only street number and it will search all the addresses that fit the pattern. For searching by owner/user/manufacturer enter only most common name of owner/user/manufacturer. Example for ABC company enter 'ABC' only, it is going to bring up all the variations of ABC INC, ABC CO, ABC COMPANY etc.. Boiler Status field in the extract will indicate the status of the boiler (A=Active, I=Inactive P=Pending, S=Scrapped). When you enter the search criteria on this page and click "View Results" button the information and a listing of boilers in current database that match your criteria will be displayed in a new window in pdf format. If you have questions or concerns about this page, please contact DfbsDatabase@dhs.in.gov for assistance.

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