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The Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission strives to provide great government service. The Commission and staff is happy to provide guidance and direction on the process for submitting applications and obtaining permits for the sale, distribution, and manufacture of alcohol, tobacco, e-liquid and type II gaming. However, we cannot provide legal or business advice. The ATC cannot issue a permit until the entire process is complete, all required documentation is submitted, and the Commission approves the permit. Please note that the ATC cannot work around opening dates or events scheduled before a permit is issued and we recommend applying for a permit at least 90 days prior to the date you intend to open.
Please feel free to reach out to the appropriate department below for assistance. Facility permit questions should be directed to the ATC processor assigned to the county in which the permitted premises is located (see Permit Processors by County, below).

NOTICE - Starting Monday, August 17th, 2020 the ATC office will be open to the public by appointment and for walk-ins.  The ATC strongly encourages customers to make an appointment at https://secure.in.gov/apps/atc/appointments/schedule/welcome.aspx to decrease wait times.

Indiana Government Center South, Room E-114
302 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 232-2430 (voice)
(317) 234-1520 (fax)

David Cook Chairman dcook@atc.in.gov
John Krauss Vice Chairman jlkrauss@atc.in.gov
Dale Grubb Commissioner dgrubb@atc.in.gov
Marjorie Maginn Commissioner mmaginn@atc.in.gov
Matt Strittmatter Superintendent mpstrittmatter@atc.in.gov
Angie Willis Human Resources anwillis@atc.in.gov
Brian Stewart Sergeant, Industry Liaison & Local Board Coordinator brstewart@atc.in.gov
Heather Lynch Sergeant, Tobacco & Server Training hlynch@atc.in.gov or servertraining@atc.in.gov
Jessica Allen Executive Secretary/Hearing Judge jeallen@atc.in.gov
Kim Chew Paralegal kchew@atc.in.gov
Josh Harrison Prosecutor jharrison1@atc.in.gov
Lindsay Hyer Commission Counsel/Director of Communications lihyer@atc.in.gov
Facility Permits
Use the List of Processors by County to find your processor.
(Contacting the incorrect processor may cause delays.)
Angie Willis Program Director anwillis@atc.in.gov
Gema Medina Assistant Manager - Processors gmedina@atc.in.gov
Luz Aviles Processor laviles1@atc.in.gov
Jeff Coyle Processor jcoyle@atc.in.gov
Doug Devine Processor ddevine@atc.in.gov
Suzanne Kenny Processor skenny@atc.in.gov
Andrea Ramirez Processor aramirez@atc.in.gov
Kelly Roberts-Wheat Processor KRobertsWheat@atc.IN.gov
Employee & Salesman Permits
Main Line 317-232-2455  
Angie Willis Program Director anwillis@atc.in.gov
Jeri Blazier Team Lead jblazier@atc.in.gov
Dianna Cardenas Employee / Salesman Permits DCardenas@atc.IN.gov
Margarete Rasdall Employee / Salesman Permits MRasdall@atc.IN.gov
Maria Marin Employee / Salesman Permits MMarin@atc.IN.gov
Merlyn Noriega Employee / Salesman Permits MNoriega@atc.IN.gov
Type II Gaming & Tobacoo
Wesley Ryan Type II Gaming & Public Records wryan@atc.in.gov
Melissa Williams Tobacco Fines mewilliams1@atc.in.gov
Evan Shorter Tobacco Certificates / Permit Extensions eshorter1@atc.in.gov
Harry Dickson Controller HaDickson@atc.IN.gov
Rene Doyle Cashier rdoyle1@atc.in.gov
Daniel Hadley Accounting / Primary Source / Direct Shipping dhadley@atc.in.gov
Support Staff
Shelby Bandy Receptionist / Keg Registration sbandy@atc.in.gov
Sachi Bhatt File Clerk sbhatt@atc.in.gov

Generic Email (your question will be forwarded to the appropriate person)