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Convert Initial Practitioner to Practitioner License

There are now 2 options to convert your license from the Initial Practitioner (2 year license) to the Practitioner license (5 year license).

Option #1:

Option #2:

The Indiana Mentor and Assessment Program (IMAP) will be optional; alternative to IMAP is completion of a Professional Growth Plan with 40 PGP points. (511 IAC 14-2-3) Two years teaching experience still required to convert to a 5-year practitioner license. (511 IAC 14-3-1)

PGP Information:

Educators attend conferences, workshops, participate in curriculum development committees, participate in school improvement plans, and take coursework to stay up-to-date on the latest educational reforms in addition to their classroom responsibilities. One PGP point is given for every contact hour an educator is actively involved in a professional development activity. A total of 40 PGP points is required for submission. PGP activities must be gained since the issue date of the license being renewed.