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Variance Final Action Letter (Order) Search

The Variance Final Action Letter (Order) Search allows you to find and view copies of issued variance final action letters (orders) based on the search parameters provided below. Search results will show in a new window, so you may need to disable a pop-up blocker to see them. The report that is generated will have a link or links to the variance final action letter(s) (orders) included in the record(s) of the variance application(s) filed for the project or projects.

Questions about variances may be directed to variances@dhs.in.gov. If you have questions about or technical issues with the search feature, contact dfbsdatabase@dhs.in.gov.

Variance Final Action Letter (Order) Search

Enter the report parameters and click the Submit button. Project Number OR Variance Number OR Commission Action Date range required to view the report.

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Note: Search parameter must be the six-digit number (XX-XX-XX) that was assigned to the variance application.

Variance Final Action Letter (Order) Issue Date

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