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School Safety Information and Resources

The field of school safety continues to grow into one of the most important subjects affecting our jurisdictions. In Indiana, a wide variety of subject matter experts have been working to address concerns and provide best practices for school districts to consider.

Indiana School Safety Guidelines for Emergency Response Systems: The implementation of Indiana Senate Enrolled Act 147 (2016) required IDHS to establish minimum standards and approve best practices for school-based emergency response systems. IDHS worked with local first responders, state government partners and Indiana's private industry to develop and implement school safety guidance.

The following organizations assisted in the creation of the guidelines:

  • Indiana Department of Homeland Security
  • Indiana Department of Education
  • Indiana Sheriff's Association
  • Indiana School Resource Officer Association
  • National Association for School Resource Officers
  • Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents
  • Indiana State Teachers Association
  • Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Indiana Fire Chiefs Association

Additional Indiana school safety resources include: