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Storage Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids

For an Existing Project

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File an addendum to an existing project: Addendum Application

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Step 1 - The Application

Step 2 - The Fees

The fees are based upon the number of tanks plus the one-time project processing fee. For example:

  • $240.00 (3) tanks ($80.00 per tank)
  • $75.00 filing fee (per project)
  • $315.00 total
  • Local inspection fee may apply – in areas that do not have a local inspection program or projects owned by the State of Indiana

What is a local inspection fee?

  • A local inspection fee is due when a local inspection program is not available in the area you are providing your service. A state inspector would be sent to provide this service. In this case, no other local permit would be required.
  • Local inspection fee requirements
  • Note: If required, the local inspection fee will be $200.00.

Step 3 - The Plans

Provide a “site” plan, showing:

  • Dimensioned location of all tanks to all property lines, buildings and other tanks.
  • Dimensioned location of pumps, dispensers and all other related equipment to all property lines and buildings.
  • Location, type and sizing of all piping and valves.
  • Sections Showing:
    • The depth below ground.
    • Type of covering over the tanks (such as earth, concrete or asphalt, including thicknesses.)
    • Supports, saddles, straps and other related material used to secure, anchor or support the tanks.

For aboveground storage tanks, diking is required unless the tank is an approved, listed double-walled tank.

Would you like to expedite your project?

Note: The fee to expedite is $5,000.00 in addition to the required standard fees.

  • File your project online and after a successful submission, send an email to the IDHS plan review staff at planreview@dhs.in.gov and request that your project be expedited. The email should include the project number assigned to your filing.
  • For paper filing (mailed or walk-in) contact the plan review branch at planreview@dhs.in.gov prior to submitting and request an expedited plan review. You will need to provide the project scope of work or work description to help determine if the proposed work can be expedited.

Filing Requirements for Aboveground/Underground Storage Tank Presentation

For general questions call 317-232-6422